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Mobile Application is a piece of application software developed for low-power handheld devices such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones, for performing specific tasks. The tasks may be a Calendar App, or a scientific calculator or entertainment like a game or music player.
Mobile Apps Growth is at a high swing now “Nearly 90% of our production income comes from businesses expanding their traditional media to mobile devices,” says Eric Peterson, CEO of Epic Digital. Thousands of Apps are launched through the App Store and Google Play every day, Hence it is important for the starters in this field to know about the important resources for Mobile Application Development.

Here are some of them:

1.    Android Style Guide

This Style Guide will answer several questions for an Android Developer on Android style, patterns, and building blocks as well as wireframing to tracking progress after your app goes to market.

2.    iOS Style Guide

These are set of guidelines provided by Apple, to be followed by the developer before iOS app development. Visit the Apple iOS Developer Library for more details on the style guide.

3.    App Cooker

App Cooker is a Designer Makeup Tool, which can help the iOS developer from the inception phase to Organizing, that too at an affordable cost.

 4.    Beta Bait

Beta Bait is a social networking site aimed at developers and nascent small biz companies, who can find the right people to test your mobile app while it is still at Beta stage of release

  5.    Crittercism

During the testing phase, it’s quite possible that the app may crash a few times. This is where Crittercism’s real-time crash reporting and live analytics comes in handy.

 6.    Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is the ultimate support guide for developers seeking help/advice from other developers. It’s a forum loaded with tricks, advice, and tips from developers. The voting feature to these tips/tricks helps the user in identifying proven solutions or advice.

Did you use any of the services above? We would love to hear your experience with these services. Please feel free to drop in a comment or two.

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