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Global industry standards and consumer needs are changing at a fast pace with technology disruptions. Adopting new-age technologies and keeping your business in line with user expectations ensures better operational and customer experience. If you are a NetSuite ERP customer, this article is for you. Here we give a sneak peek of NetSuite ERP 2019 Release 2 updates rolling out soon.

NetSuite updates its software twice a year. Merely, this is the second update in 2019 to deliver the best experience and significant changes in the NetSuite product’s functionality. With NetSuite ERP 2019 Release 2 you can expect a significant business impact in terms of the following:

  1. Financial operations
  2. Human capital management
  3. Improved analytics
  4. Developer capabilities
  5. Industry-specific customizations

What to Expect From NetSuite 2019.2 version  Upgrades?

Human Capital Management:

NetSuite 2019 2.0 enables customers to have better insight into the HR landscape, employee performance, and management. It provides:

  1. A better understanding of employee tenure, performance, and milestones.
  2. Customized HR dashboards to get an accurate view of the HR landscape.
  3. Gains flexibility in managing hourly time-off accruals, including audit trails for how accruals are earned.

Mobile Enhancements for iPhone Users:

Every business is mobile-centric now. Both business owners and employees are likely to access data on the go. With the new NetSuite 2019.2 version updates, iPhone users of NetSuite will get access to time and expenses even while offline. Once the users get connected, data will be synchronized automatically. It makes navigation through the app easy. Furthermore, the customized call log dashboard tracks incoming and outgoing business calls. A password reset option is also available for users.


Despite the scale, analytics is imperative in the current burgeoning industry and customer needs. When you cannot measure your business KPIs, you cannot meet milestones. Pre-built SuiteAnalytics workbooks for commerce, sales, and procurement makes operations easy. Furthermore, the latest NetSuite ERP 2019 Release 2 update allows you to leverage analytics anywhere within the SuiteCloud platform.

Global Financials:

Your next sales order can raise from anywhere across the globe. Make sure your accounting standards comply with global financial and accounting standards. The NetSuite ERP 2019 Release 2 supports:

  • Improved multi-subsidiary management and accounting.
  • New advanced data import features that streamline bank reconciliation.
  • Effective revenue recognition and forecasting.
  • Support your operations around the world with general ledger impact printing for China and additional depreciation methods for Japan.

Industry-Specific Enhancements:

No industry has similar requirements. Industry-specific features and customization have made NetSuite the#1 cloud ERP software for most small and mid-size businesses. NetSuite 2019.2 addresses all the challenges of growing organizations. 

NetSuite 2019 Release 2 features for Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers:

  1. New warehouse management increases productivity with a flexible wave release process, paperless picking, and improved mobile experience.
  2. Supply allocation that optimizes the usage of current and future inventory for seamless customer experience.
  3. The supply chain control tower provides real-time visibility that enables manufacturers and wholesale distributors to overcome the challenges of supply-chain management.

Retail Business:

For retailers, NetSuite 2019.2 version latest upgrade allows viewing product performance based on various product classifications (brand, collection). Hence, retail business owners can have real-time visibility and effective warehouse management. 

Software Companies:

NetSuite is one of the best-chosen cloud ERP software providers for most software companies. It helps in streamlining project budgeting, resource allocation, management, renewals, and increases revenues.

For Developers:

NetSuite always brings goodies for developers. SuiteCloud platform in the latest NetSuite ERP 2019 Release 2 enables REST services for integration and OpenID Connect for federated authentication to customize NetSuite further. Developers can harness the power of the SuiteScript and software development framework to deliver industry-specific features.

NetSuite ERP enables businesses to explore the full potential of their modules with customized solutions. Amzur is a recognized NetSuite alliance partner offering the best cloud ERP solutions over the last decade. We ensure your business grows with the market trends together with significant ROI.

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