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NetSuite ERP accounting software features

NetSuite ERP accounting software: How it outperforms spreadsheets and QuickBooks?

NetSuite ERP accounting software features

Finance and accounting divisions are imperative for any industry. They are significant in quick decision making and forecasting growth. There are various legacy methods and accounting software tools to handle and support day-to-day business operations. 

As a busy business owner, are you still struggling with the following?

  1. Real-time accounting data visibility
  2. Logging into various systems to enter day-to-day operations
  3. Decision making
  4. Forecasting 

If you have answered “yes” to more than two of these, then it’s high time to rethink your business strategy and invest in new-age cloud ERP solutions like NetSuite. Why NetSuite? NetSuite ERP accounting software has emerged as #1 accounting software for growing small to midsize industries across the globe. NetSuite ERP eventually eliminates time-consuming tasks like data entry and manual errors involved in it. It promotes a seamless customer experience!

Here are the top reasons why your company needs an upgrade to the latest NetSuite ERP accounting software. 

Manual data entry and data silos:

Regardless of the size, data is the key to any business growth. Data grows with the business, and the complexity of handling it also increases proportionally. If your employees are still spending time entering data into spreadsheets and other legacy accounting tools, you will end up with less productivity and quality. Furthermore, you can not have control over manual data-entry errors with legacy systems. It eventually diminishes growth opportunities. 

NetSuite ERP accounting software streamlines every speck of the data right from user visits to check out process. Furthermore, business owners and employees can access data directly from the centralized database anywhere and anytime.

No customization features: 

No two businesses are the same. For instance, manufacturing business needs inventory details, whereas software business doesn’t. Hence, customization plays a vital role in accounts. Legacy accounting tools like spreadsheets and QuickBooks doesn’t allow full-scale customization as NetSuite ERP software solutions. 

NetSuite is a single-source fully-customizable ERP software that allows any business to develop a comprehensive solution to meet the business goals. NetSuite implementation partner like Amzur will help you with business-specific accounting solutions driven by innovation. Hence, you can focus on strategies instead of tedious processes and begin monetizing today. 

No real-time visibility: 

If you are still logging into your system and searching for the required fields & details, then your accounting software wouldn’t add any value to your business. It takes more time to find accurate data to understand how the operations are going on. If there is no data available in real-time, it adversely impacts decision making as well.  

Unlike legacy accounting tools, NetSuite ERP accounting software comes with real-time visibility that allows decision-makers and employees to make quick decisions. Furthermore, you can have total control over data flow across disparate divisions of your company. 

No adaptability and scaling: 

Adaptability and scaling are imperative for any growing business. If your business is growing beyond the boundaries, and it still struggles to support multiple languages & currencies, you need to use third-party APIs every time. Eventually, it increases complexity in integration and often affects the data flow between systems.

On the other hand, NetSuite ERP software supports multiple languages and currencies to make the process easy. NetSuite supports the latest ASC 606 that helps businesses in revenue recognition regardless of the country and financial standards.

No forecasting capabilities: 

In the current fast-moving and growing business environment, future predictions and analytics are instrumental. Accounting tools like spreadsheets and QuickBooks fail to analyze and forecast the gaps between sales and returns in real-time. This, in turn, impacts decision making for manufacturing businesses in controlling inventory and supply chain operations. 

Unlike legacy systems, NetSuite ERP accounting software comes with Business Intelligence (BI) features that help in predicting and analyzing sales & its growth. Furthermore, you can identify most selling products, profits, and personalize marketing for better ROI.  

With the latest features and upgrades, NetSuite ERP accounting software always stays ahead of the competition to deliver the best performance. Are you planning to migrate from accounting software applications like QuickBooks, Spreadsheets, or Sage to NetSuite Cloud ERP? We at Amzur offers comprehensive NetSuite integration and development services by maximizing the business values.

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