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Swift :

Apple Introduced the new Programming language called Swift. Swift is an innovative new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Swift adopts safe programming patterns and adds modern features to make programming easier, more flexible, and more fun.  This new language seems to be poised to replace Objective-C as the main programming language on Apple’s platforms. Swift code can run alongside Objective-C and C in the same application. It will run 3.9x faster than Python. It also includes “Playgrounds”, which allows developers to see the results of their code in a side panel in real-time. It was built to be fast using the high-performance LLVM compiler. It takes the best features from the C and Objective-C languages. It includes low-level primitives such as types, flow control, and operators. It also provides object-oriented features such as classes, protocols, and generics, giving Cocoa and Cocoa Touch developers the performance and power they demand.

Highlights of the language according to Apple:

  1. Closures (similar to blocks in C and Objective-C) unified with function pointers
  2. Tuples and multiple return values
  3. Generics
  4. Fast and concise iteration over a range or collection
  5. Structs that support methods, extensions, protocols.
  6. Functional programming patterns, e.g.: map and filter

iOS 8 :

Apple Introduced the new version of the mobile OS called iOS 8 for iPhone,iPad and iPod touch. The new iOS 8 includes over 4,000 APIs for home electronics, Touch ID, iCloud, cameras, games, and more, the key to the new model is what Apple calls “extensibility,” or app extensions. With extensibility, applications from the App Store will be able to extend the system and offer services to other apps.

Here are some new features in iOS 8 :

  1. Expanded Notification center, In this you can now reply to messages and like Facebook posts from the notification and it is even work in the lock screen.
  2. The new mail app has a variety of enhancements.
  3. Now Spotlight search gives the results including News, Wikipedia, Nearby places, iTunes store music, podcasts, movies, iBook store, suggested websites and movie showtimes.
  4. Keyboard enhancements include context-sensitive predictive typing, giving you a list of words to choose.
  5. Healthkit is designed as a central hub for health information. Third-party apps will essentially plug-in to Healthkit.
  6. Now, iMessage can send locations, audio, and video messages.
  7. TouchID for all apps, now apps will use Touch ID for authorization.
  8. Family Sharing is the new feature in iOS, In this, Once you’ve set up your family as a unit, you automatically share photos, calendars, reminders etc.
  9. You can now integrate both macs and iPhone, you can receive messages and calls in mac.
  10. New iCloud drive enables to save documents, photos, folders etc.

iOS 8 will be compatible with:

  1. iPhone 4s , 5 , 5c, 5s
  2. iPod touch 5th Generation
  3. iPad2
  4. iPad with Retina display, Air, mini, mini with retina display

The above article has been authored by Chandrashekar Koripella, iOS Application Developer at Amzur Technologies, Inc.

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