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ERP software for the food and beverage industry is a comprehensive solution that streamlines, automates, and helps you in making well-informed decisions. Conversely, how effectively your current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is supporting real-time tracking, inventory visibility, production quality, omnichannel experience, and food regulatory compliances. If you are uncertain to answer the above concerns, possibly it’s the best time to upgrade your existing ERP system with modern food manufacturing cloud ERP solutions.

The food and beverage market is one of the most complex and fastest-growing industries across the globe. Moreover, it’s challenges are unique and differ from business to business. As the F&B industry deals with perishable goods and involves a lot of human efforts, food manufacturers should go the extra mile and promise the best quality while complying with the ever-changing regulatory compliances.

The cloud ERP market size is estimated to grow from $18.52B in 2016 to $29.84B by 2021, attaining a CAGR of 10 percent in the forecast period.

Top 5 reasons to adopt food manufacturing cloud ERP solutions:

1. Effective Traceability

In the marketplace, consumers’ buying decisions and health consciousness have changed the landscape of the f&b industry. As a food and beverage manufacturer, traceability is imperative when you are importing raw food material from various locations and countries. Legacy systems or manual supervision have failed in tracing the product’s origin and their nutritious values in real-time. Therefore, your business will fail to provide its ingredients, energy, and calories information during production and post-production. 

Whereas, cloud-based food manufacturing ERP solutions provide real-time traceability of products. Hence, it would be easy to track the quality of a product at every stage and how it is transforming from raw material to a final product.  

2. Inventory control and management: How does cloud ERP solutions impact F&B business inventory?  

Right inventory management is the linchpin of the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Conversely, businesses with traditional inventory management methods would fall behind the competition and fail to meet ever-changing customer expectations. On-premises ERP solutions lag in providing real-time data and inventory updates to business owners. This, in turn, leads to food wastage and cost associated with production and maintenance. 

Oracle’s NetSuite ERP is the #1 cloud solution for food and beverage manufacturing businesses for effective production and significant growth. NetSuite ERP software comes with customized dashboards that enable real-time visibility into inventory and helps in making decisions accordingly. NetSuite’s food manufacturing cloud ERP assures optimal production and effective warehouse utilization at optimal costs. 

3. Optimized supply chain management:

Supply chain management is integral and imperative for the food and beverage industry’s success. However, consumer’s needs are going high with the adoption of modern technology and tools. Industry giants like Amazon have changed the consumer’s perception in terms of delivering the right goods at the right time. Therefore, tracking a product’s status manually over phones and waiting for a long time won’t entice customer experience anymore. 

Compared to on-premises ERP or legacy systems, cloud ERP solutions embrace AI tools to make tracking easy and effective. NetSuite’s F&B manufacturing ERP software ensures an optimized supply chain management with real-time goods tracking. It further improves production capabilities by minimizing food wastage.

4. Regulatory compliances: Is your ERP solution updated or outdated? 

The food industry deals with perishable and time-sensitive products. Moreover, they procure raw material from various countries and vendors. Therefore, tracking the quality and meeting evolving food regulatory compliances have become bottlenecks for businesses operating with legacy systems or on-premises ERP solutions. 

Food manufacturing cloud ERP solutions like NetSuite comes with future-proof modules that ensure your businesses are on par with food regulations and comply with FDA standards. NetSuite compliments its users twice a year with vital upgrades that meet both industry needs and consumer expectations. Henceforth, you need not worry about the latest changes in regulatory compliance standards.  

5. Omnichannel experience: Achieve uniformity with food manufacturing cloud ERP solutions. 

Millennials and Gen Z consumers have changed the landscape of the retail/ eCommerce business in recent times. Compared to other generations, Gen Z has a significant impact on f&b manufacturers and eCommerce brands. They always prefer customized offers and omnichannel experience regardless of the devices.

 Unfortunately, legacy systems have failed to understand their requirements and offer unique services. Whereas, NetSuite’s advanced modules powered by AI technology track the customer behavior and ensure an omnichannel experience. Furthermore, Cloud ERP solutions are robust and easily integrated with social media platforms that would help businesses to reach and entice their customers.

Citing data from Forbes, FONA says Generation Z is expected to become the largest group of consumers by 2020, with $143 billion of direct spending.

Amzur Technologies is a trusted NetSuite Alliance partner in Tampa, Florida, offers end-to-end NetSuite ERP solutions for food and beverage industries by blending innovation and process optimization. We leverage our expertise in integrating existing ERP or CRM solutions with modern NetSuite ERP software. Our proven expertise in the food manufacturing ERP domain drives your business to grow together with significant ROI.

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