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A smartphone is one of the inseparable gadgets in our daily routines. As per the recent stats, over 70% of the population is connected via the internet and smart gadgets. Usually, we go to the web browser and search for the respective URL to have insights into any business or product. But, it won’t sound good all the time, the speed of the internet, responsiveness and many factors affect the loading time of the webpage. More the delay in accessing the webpage costs business adversely. Then, here comes the solution touted to be “Mobile apps”.

Nowadays, most businesses have a Web Page, whereas a few have mobile apps. Over 60% of the end-users now prefer to do business via mobile apps rather than the normal webpage. Mobile apps will help you in engaging with customers/consumers all the time effortlessly and takes your business very close to them.
For instance, if you have a business that deals with selling products, then it is recommended to opt for a mobile application. Undoubtedly, a mobile application will help you reach a newer audience to navigate across all the modules of your business which consecutively improves the engagement with the customer. It will help especially in the e-commerce business segment.

How mobile app benefits your e-commerce business?
As per the recent survey, 42% of mobile sales are generated from mobile apps. Whereas, 21% of the time will be spent on mobile apps instead of web-based services.

*Saves time:

The user can directly access the web page by tapping on the application in a few seconds.

*Engagement and rebranding:

Mobile apps will reinforce your corporation by engaging with customers. Its ubiquitous presence is a reminder to the customer all the time. With continuous tweeting on the latest products, pricing, and offers, you can do customer-centric business promotions and you can get new referral leads for new customers.

*Saves cost:

By the time you made any changes, the user will be notified with pop-up messages. This, in turn, saves the conventional messaging service (SMS) cost.

*Improves loyalty:

By having a mobile app on the smartphone, users will always get to know the presence of your business and can interact with the business entity seamlessly. It will aggrandize your brand value to the next level.

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