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iot security

Best Ways to Protect IoT Environment: Secure with Latest Protocols

iot security

How to protect IoT devices from cybersecurity threats?

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has been ramping up in various industries to make industrial automation easy. All the leading tech giants have been investing in this luring technology to improve productivity as well as accuracy. IoT is aiming to connect various smart devices with sensors and collect the data to take necessary actions. Despite the advantages of IoT technology, security gaps will always make developers and investors think twice before leveraging its deployment.

With the exponential growth in connecting devices, there is a high provision of security flaws in the IoT ecosystem. The vulnerabilities in accessing the smart devices by the intruders may cause a data breach which may lead to the “breach of trust”. Many instances have challenged cybersecurity experts to think out-of-the-box. Reports state that the vulnerabilities in system deployment and internal errors would cause major data loss in the IoT ecosystem.

Security and privacy:

Security and privacy are the major concerns of the IoT ecosystem in connecting the devices and maintaining the data in a safe zone. There should always be the third eye to monitor the data and figure out the malicious attacks happening around. The organizations should ensure whether they are using the latest versions of security firewalls and embracing the latest technology standards to provide the utmost security for the data. With the evolution of voice assistants and voice recognition technology in recent times, there arises a skepticism about data privacy. To maintain the honor of trust, the IoT ecosystem developers should ensure that the user data is safe and will not be shared without user consent. Learn More about IoT Security Threats

Latest network configuration standards: Best ways of protecting IoT connected devices

Obsolete ways of configuring the IoT environment is always a detrimental trail to protect it from external attacks. With the broad spectrum and evolution of applications in IoT, it’s security methods will vary from industry to industry. As of now, IPv6 is the latest standard to be adopted soon to configure various devices.

Avoid Aware of free Wi-fi connection and public accessing

It is always suggestible to stay away from public accessing of IoT services with the open connectivity standards. Make sure that the Wi-Fi connection is protected by strong passwords and two-step authentication. If permitted, use a different network configuration for your IoT ecosystem apart from the general IT infrastructure and prefer cloud-based services to handle the heaps of data and its process. This will enable more security for the IoT enabled devices in case of any mischievous acts.

Connected devices: Read the device user manual before integrate

The smart devices are always prone to cyber-attacks if we fail to follow the guidelines and neglect the documentation in establishing the IoT ecosystem. IoT development team should ensure whether all the devices that are connected to the network are obeying the connectivity standards or not and make sure there is no scope for the data phishing to the remote servers.

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