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Automate Lead to cash process with NetSuite Salesforce integration


NetSuite and Salesforce are the two popular enterprise software solutions used by thousands of companies across industries.

The sales team would love to work with Salesforce and NetSuite can be used for finance and accounting purposes. NetSuite and Salesforce integration enables the power of data sharing and analytics between teams

Here is the 4-step process to make your NetSuite-Salesforce integration seamless and successful.

1. Build and add RESTlet scripts on NetSuite:

To start Salesforce NetSuite integration, you need to create separate JS files for each object. Once you start adding the JS files to NetSuite, you can add the new fields and contacts. Make sure you add new script files for every new object that you want to sync.


2. Authentication requests are a must:

Authentication is paramount while integrating NetSuite with Salesforce to control the data transfer. In most cases, we run authentication callouts for NetSuite credentials and use Salesforce to fetch data from NetSuite or push data to NetSuite.


3. Data transfer in NetSuite and Salesforce:

NetSuite Salesforce integration promises faster data transfer between teams. To transfer the data, you must create separate web services in Salesforce. You can create individual web services by syncing the Salesforce opportunities with NetSuite.


Similarly, for fetching data from NetSuite, you need to create data fetching Batch helper in Salesforce and create callouts for fetching JSON data from the NetSuite database.


4. Run batches of classes between Salesforce and NetSuite

The overall syncing process can be done in real-time, but it is the best option to run it in batches for more efficacy. The following code is an example to create and run these batches.

Run batches of classes between Salesforce and NetSuite

ow you are all set to integrate NetSuite and Salesforce.

But what’s stopping you?

Is a lack of skills stopping you from integration? Then, it’s time to collaborate with a trusted NetSuite implementation partner like Amzur to automate lead-to-cash flow by integrating NetSuite with Salesforce.

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