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What is chatbot and how it impacts customer experience in various industries?

Every time, calling to a customer care service center and waiting for a long time to get the information doesn’t go well. customer experience will always play a significant role in business growth. Perhaps, attaining their attention and responding round the clock are the major concerns. Then, how to communicate with users all the time? Chatbot is the new-age conversation agent that poised to enhance customer experience and engagement. The chatbot is an automated software program that exclusively designed to make seamless conversations with the users regardless of the time zones. Chatbots use Natural language processing technology that gives an impact the user is conversing with another human on the other side. They are well customized and comprehensive applications that meet user requirements. 

Applications of Chatbots

AI-Chatbots have emerged into diversified industries including health, travel, E-commerce, finance, restaurants, media and more. Moreover, all the leading tech giants are competing to grab the chatbot marketplace soon.


Top 7 best applications of AI-powered chatbots in 2019

E-commerce industry:

E-commerce business is in the uproar across the globe, all we need is a virtual assistant. The AI-Chatbot feature of many E-commerce websites would be helping you to make the shopping easy. They will be assisting the users in notifying them related to the items added to the cart and respective price. Henceforth, the user will have an idea of limiting the excessive shopping.  

Health industry:

There are many tech giants investing in developing the AI-powered chatbots in the health industry. This will definitely be a turbulent move in the health segment to assist the patients in case of medical assistance. The patients or users can interact with the chatbots to get the preliminary precautions and tips in case of unwell. Of course, there are few AI chatbots designed exclusively for health tips and prescriptions.

Beauty industry:

Together with the Augmented Reality applications, AI-chatbots are assisting the consumers to try the beauty products. They will let you know how you look after using the product. The user can get a variety of lipsticks just by sending a selfie message to the respective app. In return, AI-chatbot will suggest you the best suitable beauty products.

News and media applications:

These days all the leading media firms are deploying AI-Chatbots to track the news and notify the users with the latest updates. Furthermore, they also use to track the false and doctored news.

Chatbots in restaurants:

This is an amazing application of AI-powered chatbots in recent times. The user can order food, select the pickup time, and pay online by conversing with the chatbots. They can also book a table in advance, Google Duplex is the recent application of AI-powered voice assistant.

Banking sector:

This is the next biggest segment for the AI-chatbots. Many banking giants are using AI-powered chatbots to assist the customers in providing basic information related to their accounts. They can easily know about the loans and recent offers from the banks without visiting the nearby bank.


Travel desk operations are very important in planning the itinerary of a user. The AI-chatbots help you in knowing the best available transit and offers. Meanwhile, they will provide the next available service in case you miss or cancellation of your journey.

Undoubtedly, the AI-chatbots will improve your customer experience to the next-level with utmost security.