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The fourth industrial revolution has raised the bar for digital transformation in recent years. From startups to large-scale enterprises, businesses of all sizes are opting for digital transformation to accelerate business growth engineered with innovation. Certainly, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions have become significant in the digital transformation journey. To make the digital transformation seamless and cost-effective, NetSuite ERP software solutions are poised to accelerate it further.   

NetSuite is one of the leading cloud ERP solutions, having more than 18,000 customers across the globe. According to Gartner, NetSuite tops the list for small and mid-size businesses. Amzur is a trusted and recognized NetSuite consulting and alliance partner, delivering business-specific ERP software solutions over the past two decades. We’ve had exponential growth in our client portfolio over the years by automating mission-critical processes and prioritizing growth.

How NetSuite ERP software solutions can help in digital transformation

  1. NetSuite is the world’s first cloud ERP solution provider helping companies to manage their mission-critical processes with a single, fully integrated system. NetSuite ERP software solutions streamline CRM, financials, inventory, professional services automation, eCommerce, and more. NetSuite is fast to deploy and supports all aspects of a business. 
  2. NetSuite ERP enables customers to grow with their business and offers flexible solutions. It is scalable and enables real-time visibility into operations from anywhere and at any time.   
  3. NetSuite offers SaaS solutions that help small and mid-size businesses cut down on upfront investments. NetSuite ERP software solutions reduce infrastructure costs and ongoing maintenance challenges. Hence, you can establish eco-friendly and sustainable cloud solutions. 
  4. NetSuite ERP software solutions are secure and up to date with the latest standards. NetSuite upgrades its modules twice a year to keep in compliance with market trends (NetSuite Release 2). 
  5. NetSuite ERP is highly configurable and easy to integrate with third-party applications. NetSuite uses APIs to integrate with other ERP and CRM systems like SalesForce, Magento, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Azure. Hence, users can leverage the full potential of NetSuite to streamline and automate business processes. 
  6. NetSuite integrates all the disparate systems of a company to provide seamless data flow and sharing across departments. This real-time data sharing enables quick and smart decision-making. Furthermore, business owners can have a 360-degree view of performance. Digital transformation with NetSuite ERP breaks down the silos of data availability and usability. 
  7. As NetSuite ERP software offers multi-tenancy hosted applications, business owners need not worry about uptime, process disruptions, continuity, and performance. Hence, you can expect an improved customer experience. 
  8. NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce, Suite Tax, Advanced Revenue Management (ARM), advanced financial modules, and advanced warehouse management system (WMS) help businesses grow beyond challenges. They also help enterprises focus on strategy building and KPI tracking instead of tedious tasks. 
  9. Analytics play a key role in changing the landscape of business and digital transformation. NetSuite ERP software solutions empowered with SuiteAnalytics help businesses to predict their growth and market trends to compete.  
  10. NetSuite’s cloud ERP solutions bridge the gap between businesses and users to make the digital transformation journey easy and efficient. 

NetSuite ERP promises business growth driven by future-proof digital solutions. If you have plans to migrate your business to the cloud, NetSuite would be the right fit. At Amzur, our NetSuite professionals can help your organization move at the speed of innovation with customized solutions. We are a trusted NetSuite alliance partner and have helped many organizations achieve rapid and agile growth. 

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