NetSuite Implementation

Amzur provides implementation and managed support services to companies planning NetSuite adoption.

When you partner with us, our experts conduct assessment and discovery workshops to review your existing systems and to understand your business goals. We then prepare, present and implement a step-by-step implementation or migration plan. After we implement NetSuite for your business, we continue to provide management services to ensure your NetSuite systems functions at peak capacity.


Our Engagement Models

We offer two flexible engagement models for businesses that partner with us for NetSuite Implementation.

Flexible hourly/daily implementation with training support

If you find the cost of our tailored NetSuite implementation high, we can take a more flexible approach to the project, with an hourly/daily rate for implementation and charge for the hours of work performed.We work with individuals from various teams or departments of your business to successfully implement NetSuite.
Time, resources and training are key components for ERP implementation. Our consultants will adapt to your business schedules to ensure all of your teams are trained and are comfortable with NetSuite.

managed implementation

For more complex implementations, we recommend a full Managed Project Implementation using NetSuite’s One Methodology, in addition to our implementation process. Our consultants will create and manage the project in line with a logical roll out and training plan for the business. We will analyze the requirements before developing a project plan outlining the responsibilities of all parties involved in the success of the project. With this approach, we often find it is our consultants who deliver the majority of the configuration to the NetSuite platform, rather than the company’s internal resources.

Why to choose Amzur as your
NetSuite implementation partner?

Amzur as a seasoned NetSuite solution provider, has developed and perfected a robust process for quick and efficient NetSuite implementation. We know that switching to a new ERP system requires much consideration, effort, and time. When you partner with us we ensure that you are setup correctly and quickly on NetSuite with all the modules that you need.

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