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Managed IT Services

Simplify your IT operations with Amzur’s extensive services for deployment, monitoring & management of your applications and cloud infrastructure.


Focus on business & innovation without worrying about IT operations

Our managed services give you time and operational efficiencies that are difficult to achieve with traditional in-house IT operations. We can provision, configure, monitor, and manage your cloud environments 24/7, put your applications on the fast track, and ensure quality with software and infrastructure that works as intended from day one and beyond.

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We position clients for digital transformation success with end-to-end IT solutions, including managed services for cloud, app development, and testing. Amzur also offers other digital transformation services such as cloud engineering, application modernization, hyperautomation, quality engineering, and the right talent for your short- and long-term requirements.

With proven delivery and execution models, we have successfully delivered to a diverse range of clientele — from well-known global brands to mid-market businesses and startups. Join them in experiencing what makes Amzur unique among IT providers.


Professionally monitor, manage, and automate your cloud and IT environments to ensure security and optimization.


Identify, track, and control access to your cloud environment to validate users and security.


Protect your data by letting our experts monitor and respond to any issues in your cloud environment.


Ensure quality with next-generation testing services that use automation, DevOps, and artificial intelligence technology.

What We Offer

Learn how Amzur’s managed services help you to transform your business.


Remove complexity and risk from the cloud and put your mind at ease. Our cloud experts ensure your cloud runs optimally.

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Speed up your developmental timeline with maturity assessments, team augmentation, best practices, performance, monitoring, and support.

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Accelerate your go-to-market strategy with next-generation testing services using automation, DevOps, and artificial intelligence technology.

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Case Studies

Cloud-based platform for business management

Cloud based platform for business management

Developed and enhanced the integrated EDO platform to ensure end-to-end business management and sales automation through AWS cloud and achieved high precision performance by leveraging cloud testing tools.

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Managing PIM infrastructure on AWS cloud


Scaled eTeki’s AWS cloud-based virtual interviewing platform to handle more than 1000 interviews and leveraged ML for Product Information Management while ensuring its quality through risk-based agile testing. Thus, accelerating its time-to-market by 80%.

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