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Our CloudOps services handle provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and complete management of your cloud environment, while simultaneously optimizing your cloud operations and delivering significant savings. Experience comprehensive, 24/7 managed services that allow you to change your focus away from maintenance and more towards business innovation and customer value. We can help:

Secure cloud environments and reduce or eliminate data breaches and DDoS attacks.

Augment and/or upskill your staff using Agile and DevOps

Use site reliability engineering to build a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

Stay compliant with ISO/IEC standards, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and other complex regulations.

Ensure approved users have access while preventing unwanted actions.

Automate and manage IT tasks and security protections.


Optimize and accelerate your cloud network with CloudOps from Amzur. As a trusted IT partner for every stage of your digital transformation, we offer cloud engineering, CloudOps, modernization and migration, advice and consulting, application development, hyperautomation, quality test engineering, talent solutions, certified Oracle NetSuite services, and more.

Amzur’s clients range from well-known global brands to mid-market businesses and startups. We work hard to ensure they all receive the same high-quality, dedicated, and reliable services. Meet with a CloudOps expert and begin to experience what makes Amzur unique among IT providers.


Streamline operations using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and the automated delivery, deployment, and even rollback of applications.


Gain insight into your cloud environment with real-time information on how your applications are performing, with 24/7 monitoring and support.


Enjoy cloud environment compatibility with cloud-agnostic DevOps and implement valuable open source and commercial tools.


Monitor, manage, and automate security for your cloud environment while ensuring only verified users have access to your information.

What We Do

We provision, configure, monitor, and manage the cloud environments 24/7, helping clients maintain their service-level agreements. Monitor utilization and take necessary action to optimize your cloud costs and ensure significant savings.

Reliability Operation Center (ROC)

Environment Access Management

Backup and Snapshot Management

Cloud Cost Reporting

Continuous Environment Monitoring, Alerting, and Response

Network Management

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