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NLP + Chatbots


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a dynamic subfield encompassing linguistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence, focused on the interaction between computers and human language. Its primary goal is to program computers to efficiently process and analyze vast amounts of natural language texts.

At Amzur, we offer custom NLP solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re developing applications for automatic speech recognition, chatbots, legal contract review, or any other project involving intricate language structures. Our NLP solutions provide high-quality insights and automation, propelling you toward your business goals.

NLP-solutions Overview


Market Intelligence

NLP empowers marketers to gain deeper insights into customer sentiments and preferences, moving beyond mere words to understand emotions related to various topics. Leveraging unstructured data, marketers can craft effective strategies that address customer pain points, giving them a competitive edge.

Sentiment Analysis

With real-time sentiment analysis, you can monitor social media reactions to your campaigns and company posts. This knowledge allows you to tailor your campaigns to reach the right audience, whether they are supporters or detractors of your message. Amzur offers a proprietary model that classifies text sentiments into six different categories, making it actionable and insightful.

HR & Recruitment

Using information extraction and entity recognition techniques, HR professionals can efficiently extract essential candidate information, such as names, skills, and backgrounds. This aids in unbiased candidate filtering and selection, drastically expediting the shortlisting process.

Text Summarization

AI models analyze large text segments, identifying topics and patterns to create concise summaries. This feature finds applications in news content, legal documents, and scientific papers, saving considerable time in processing large volumes of text.

Content Generation

NLP-driven Natural Language Generation technology enables AI models to produce human-like articles and content based on specific keywords and relevant sources. This revolutionary approach accelerates content creation for content creators and organizations.

Interactive Chatbots

Powered by NLP and Machine Learning, chatbots decipher the true intent of messages independently. Our chatbots are equipped with an adaptive personality engine, enabling them to memorize previous conversations and better understand user needs.

What We Do

At Amzur, our expertise lies in delivering cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions and interactive chatbots. Our services include:

Custom NLP Solutions

We design and deploy NLP solutions tailored to your unique requirements, driving efficient data processing and language analysis.

Chatbot Development

Our skilled team crafts interactive chatbots using NLP and Machine Learning, providing personalized experiences and efficient response capabilities.

AI based automation offerings

Case studies

Reducing Waste and Labor Costs in Food Retail: An Automated Quality Inspection Solution

An Automated Quality Inspection Solution

Leveraged the power of AI/ML and computer vision modeling technologies to qualify food products on a scale from 1 to 5 and reduced wastage by 25%.

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Auto-Moderation of User Generated Content

Auto-Moderation of User Generated Content

A European e-commerce client used our NLP pipelines and machine learning models to automate content moderation, resulting in a reduction of manual moderation efforts and improved data security, with almost full precision detection of PII and blacklisted items, and cost reduction due to migration to a new database.

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HVAC Servicing Company Reduces Technician Assignment Time by 50% with AI

Automated Technician Recommender Platform

A California-based HVAC servicing company used AI to develop a recommendation engine that automates the process of assigning technicians to service requests. The recommendation engine has helped the company to improve its efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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