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Suiteapp Development


SuiteApps help customers upgrade their NetSuite platform for specific features and functionalities required to fulfill business-specific needs.

The Built for NetSuite (BFN) badge certifies that the SuiteApps, built by third-party developers in the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN), meets the SuiteCloud platform’s architecture, development, security, and privacy standards as well as documented best practices.

The BFN reinforces the focus on the quality and standards that NetSuite delivers to its customers. These may range from compressing operational costs and improving internal efficiencies to opening up new revenue streams.

While Built For NetSuite certified solutions are built with the utmost attention to quality to ensure superior outcomes, deploying them with the same rigor is equally important.

An experienced SDN partner can accelerate turnarounds while ensuring the complete reliability and functionality of BFN-certified apps. Such a partner will not only bring a wealth of knowledge on best practices but also real-world experience in deploying built-for-NetSuite solutions—a big differentiator for businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage.


Amzur is not only a leading SDN partner providing comprehensive BFN solutions that include iTPM and maintenance management but we are also a NetSuite Alliance Partner who uses NetSuite in-house. We have the flexibility, industry expertise, and wealth of best practices to ensure the superior experience that our clients expect from a NetSuite partner.

100% Native to NetSuite

No integration needed. One database, platform, user experience, and a set of analytics. Granular scalability, reliability, redundancy/backup, and security ​are included to ensure that no clumsy external application data synchronization/import is required.

Fully Customizable

If you require automation, business-specific process flows, or additional configuration, it is easy to configure on NetSuite’s platform to allow you to create what is best for your business.

What We Do

SuiteApps Development

With our decades of experience in developing and extending NetSuite, we’ve built SuiteApps that are successfully deployed in the SuiteApp marketplace. If you’re looking to build a SuiteApp for a specific use case, talk to us today and leverage our experience.

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Case Studies

Trade promotion management with netsuite suiteapps


Developed a native NetSuite SuiteApp solution for CG and FMCG companies to manage their end-to-end trade promotion activities and bridge the gap between company trade spending and customer deductions.

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