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Director – Global Delivery

Venkata Bonam

Venkata, with over two decades of experience in the IT industry, is a prominent figure in Program & Project Management and Learning & Development. As the Director of the Global Delivery Center at Amzur, he is known for spearheading initiatives in Hyper-automation, Cloud Computing, AI and associated Managed Services with a strong focus on InfraOps and Testing services. His leadership has been instrumental in streamlining operations and elevating service delivery standards, ensuring client needs are met with precision and expertise. His role is pivotal in cultivating a culture of excellence and innovation.

Beyond his impressive leadership in project delivery, played a crucial role for significant achievements in staffing, especially in assembling and nurturing extended teams that are vital for the successful delivery of complex projects.

His strategic approach to talent acquisition and team development has significantly contributed to the scaling of operations and the enhancement of project efficiency. Venkat’s expertise in assembling skilled teams tailored to specific project needs and his commitment to fostering a collaborative and productive work environment has been a cornerstone of his commendable career. His commitment to developing high-performing teams reflects in the seamless execution and delivery of services, solidifying Amzur’s reputation in the IT sector.

Before his impactful role at Amzur, Venkat honed his skills and industry insights through pivotal roles at renowned companies. His journey equipped him with a deep understanding of the IT landscape and his approach is a blend of strategic leadership and operational excellence, ensuring his teams are not just delivering projects but also advancing in their professional growth and contributing to the broader goals of the organization.