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Head of Presales & Partnerships

Sunil Kodi

Sunil Kodi, a distinguished alumnus of IIM Calcutta, India, brings a wealth of experience from his tenure within the Big Four and vibrant startup ecosystems. With a solid 15-year background in IT, Sunil has mastered Agile principles, project management, process improvement, technical analysis, and program strategy. His ability to communicate effectively across various platforms and advocate for users makes him a versatile leader adept at navigating the complexities of business needs and technology implementation.

As an information technologist, Sunil believes in the power of IT to enable and accelerate solutions for the rapidly evolving enterprise landscape. However, he also recognizes that making a meaningful, lasting impact requires more than just technological innovation. His experience is marked by successful collaboration with senior executive teams, both internal and external, and leading cross-functional and matrix teams toward achieving unified goals.

Sunil Kodi

Sunil is a leader who challenges the status quo, thrives amidst uncertainty and change, and excels in driving transformational initiatives. He is deeply passionate about contributing to the community and believes in the power of paying it forward for the greater good.

Committed to unlocking people’s potential at various levels of experience, Sunil is an engaging speaker and facilitator. His leadership is not just about steering projects to success but also about inspiring and enabling individuals to reach their full potential, fostering a culture of growth and innovation.