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Director of ERP Advisory & NetSuite Solutions

Mythili Putrevu

Mythili Putrevu began her career as a Financial Analyst at Ocwen Financial Solutions after getting her bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications. Putrevu says she’s learned to appreciate her own unique approach to program management. “Be Prepared. Be humble. Be original,” she says. She adds that she always stays true to herself and stays away from external influences and has created a trademark for her own approach in the digital space. Putrevu has 13 years of experience in the Information Technology, Insurance and Banking industries. She has previously worked at iGate and Capgemini managing financial projects in APAC. Driving to place Amzur as one of the biggest NetSuite consulting firms globally, Putrevu says that she comes in prepared and ready to invest in people, technology, and the domain knowledge. A certified Scrum Master, Putrevu has a Master’s in Business Management from Indian Institute of Advanced Management and has been a certified PMP for the past two years.