AMT-USA: Learn how Amzur helped AMT-USA save costs on
Inventory Management and increase customer engagement
using NetSuite

Brief Description:

We helped revamp AMT’s website allowing them to expand their customer base and increase customer satisfaction.
We also designed and implemented a solution to help optimize AMT’s inventory management.

About Customer:

Agricultural Mfg. & Textiles, Inc. was founded in 1975 to provide quality products to the poultry industry. They are a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural products throughout North America. Egg belts, Curtain Material, Cord, Rope and Curtain Strapping continue to be their flagship products. They have used NetSuite for a little more than a decade to manage all aspects of their business, including

  •  Best Quality Products
  •  Competitive Prices Quick
  • Efficient Service

Over the years, during the course of business growth and expansion, the company faced a few major challenges:
Inventory Management: Often, they found that they had excess inventory in stock for long periods of time resulting in less than optimum storage utilization, or they faced a shortage of inventory which led to increased waiting time resulting in delayed delivery.
Digital Presence: AMT saw the need to modernize its website to attract more customers and efficiently engage their existing customers.
NetSuite Training: AMT felt that even though they had been on NetSuite for almost a decade, some of their users were still untrained and hence they were still unable to utilize the full potential that NetSuite offered

To help our customer overcome their challenges and achieve the best results,
Amzur rendered the following services

  • NetSuite Training & Support
  • Customization using SuiteBuilder, SuiteScript 1.0
  • Website redesign & development to make website responsive & mobile friendly

Being an experienced NetSuite Solution Provider, Amzur designed and implemented solutions to help AMT overcome the challenges they faced.
Inventory Management: Designed and implemented a custom solution that committed inventory to sales orders only after prioritizing them based on certain factors identified by AMT. This ensured that optimal inventory levels are maintained.

Digital Presence: Amzur restructured AMT’s website to be responsive and mobile friendly using the new Cart and Reference Checkout modules available in NetSuite.
NetSuite Training: Our NetSuite Certified Consultants trained AMT’s employees in specific areas of NetSuite relevant to their daily business activities.

Team Composition:

Amzur utilized an optimal team composition for successfully executing the solutions
defined for AMT:

Impact / Results:

Optimized inventory management that allows accurate demand forecasting and brings the process close to just-in-time.
With a revamped, responsive, mobile-friendly website, AMT increased sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Training the users, discussing best practices and walking them through NetSuite’s processes helped AMT realize the potential of their NetSuite ERP system.

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