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MyBasePay Streamlines Operations and Boosts Revenue with NetSuite

Services Offered: NetSuite Implementation and SuiteApp Development

Industry: Staffing and Recruiting


Headquartered in Florida, MyBasePay is a leading contingent workforce management platform designed to empower businesses to optimize their temporary and freelance workforce. Their cloud-based platform streamlines critical processes for businesses, including talent acquisition, onboarding, scheduling, time tracking, payments, and compliance management. This allows businesses to build a flexible and scalable workforce while ensuring regulatory adherence.

The Challenge

As MyBasePay experienced rapid growth, their existing systems struggled to keep pace. This led to several challenges that hindered their ability to further scale and optimize operations:

Limited Financial Visibility: UTheir existing systems lacked the ability to provide a unified view of financial data, making it difficult to gain real-time insights and make informed decisions.

Slow Decision Making: Limited access to data and siloed information hindered timely decision-making across the organization.

Limited Visibility and Reporting: Without a centralized data hub, it was difficult to generate accurate reports on things like project profitability, material usage, or labor costs. This came in the way of informed decision-making and the ability to identify areas for improvement.

Rising IT & Compliance Costs: Maintaining and supporting outdated systems led to increasing IT costs. Additionally, managing compliance with regulations became more complex.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a robust and scalable ERP system, MyBasePay turned to us, a trusted NetSuite implementation partner. Leveraging their extensive experience, our team implemented NetSuite solutions to address MyBasePay’s specific challenges:

NetSuite CRM: Amzur's implementation expertise streamlined financial management, order-to-cash, and procure-to-pay processes, enhancing visibility and reducing costs.

NetSuite CRM: Amzur's team implemented NetSuite CRM, centralizing lead management, sales opportunities, and customer interactions, improving customer relationship management.

SuiteCloud Development: For seamless integration with Kronos (workforce management) and their back-office solution, Amzur leveraged their SuiteCloud development expertise, eliminating data silos and ensuring smooth information flow.

Results / Benefits

By implementing NetSuite, MyBasePay achieved significant improvements across their business operations:

Revenue Growth: MyBasePay has experienced a remarkable 50% revenue increase and projects a further jump to $35 million by year-end.

Cost Reduction: Streamlined operations and improved business efficiency have resulted in a 40% cost reduction.

Faster Time to Value: NetSuite's rapid implementation accelerated time to value, allowing MyBasePay to reap benefits quickly.

Enhanced Sales Effectiveness: Integrated lead-to-cash management, actionable insights, and automated invoice creation have significantly streamlined their sales process.

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