IT Staffing Solutions: Surpassing Challenges of Traditional Recruitment

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Due to COVID-19, the need to work remotely is increasing, and one-stop-shop IT staffing firms are offering superior strategies and plans to overcome this situation. There is a relatively new digital shift toward remote sourcing and managing of contingent work forces and services—this new business environment is both highly uncertain and subject to new constraints. But, as we experience the coronavirus pandemic and stay-at-home orders, companies must continue keeping supply chains, distribution centers, and last-mile delivery networks staffed and operating; managing help desk and customer service center volume peaks; filling critical gaps when employees or temp workers aren’t available etc.

Which Scenario Applies to You?

You are trying to stay cash positive and want to eliminate or minimize the need for office space.

Though you have an internal team with generalized expertise, sometimes it’s hard to find and hire resources with niche or specific skills. Your internal team is under pressure to get it done.

Your brand promotes locality and you hire locally. Your side projects require project-specific skills, but there are local talent shortages in these skill sets.

You heard that remote teams get more done in less time, allowing them to start new projects, spend more time doing what’s working, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

This white paper guides you on:

  • Approach Taken to Provide Added Value
  • The Benefits of Working With a One-Stop-Shop Vendor
  • The Risks and Challenges of Staffing
  • Managing Remotely (Due to Coronavirus + Other Potential Disasters)

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