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Social, demographic, political, and economic trends are forcing talent strategists and risk managers to balance cost, risk, quality, and capabilities while determining where and how work will be performed.

Which Scenario Applies to You?

To stay cash positive, certain positions had to be eliminated. Now you need some temporary help to continue development.

You need the right team right now to get the most from your application portfolio. You need to continuously evolve to meet the shifts in your market.

Your applications can address today’s big challenges, but you need an exceptional team to deliver application development, maintenance, and support.

You need an exceptionally reliable, high-quality delivery. You need to deliver more value for the money through continuous improvement, innovation, and intelligent insights.

This is where Amzur comes in. We do not just provide application outsourcing services—technology is in our DNA. For over 15 years across multiple industries, we have remained focused on matching with startups and SMBs that needed increased insight, speed, value, and quality with less complexity, cost, uncertainty, and risk.

This white paper guides you on these topics and more:

  • Satisfaction Factors
  • Approach Taken to Provide Added Value
  • Standardization and Integration Matrix
  • The Benefits of Application Outsourcing
  • The Risks and Challenges
  • Managing Remotely
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