Creating an Unparalleled Value Proposition With Product Engineering Services

What Are Your Product Engineering Challenges?


Competitive Pressures

Do you struggle with attracting talent or managing vendors?


Cost & Business Factors

Does a non-linear customer acquisition curve make it impossible to meet demands from sales and marketing teams?


Talent Scarcity

Do you lack a framework for documenting, conserving, and propagating residual knowledge?

We’re here to help!

At Amzur, our foundation is built on mentoring and support.

Our associates know they’re not just another employee, but a true partner in our future success.

Amzur provides the product engineering (PE) expertise B2B companies need to quickly and confidently get their products to market. Whether we’re serving as an extension of your in-house technology team or freeing up resources and focus by acting as your entire software engineering arm, you’ll benefit from over two decades of experience, proven processes, and technical expertise—as well as the commitment, innovation, and passion of our people.

We specialize in product development and software engineering services that are completely independent of technology platforms. We have wide-ranging experience with web applications, client-server applications, mobile applications, and cloud-based solutions. We have also worked extensively with our clients on system integration as well as maintenance and migration of legacy systems. Our team of dedicated domain experts analyze clients’ requirements to understand and implement PE services that suit their ecosystem.

PE Technology Practices

PE is the process of designing, developing, and testing a purposeful business system or product and then transitioning to its development. PE solutions and services include activities that deal with productivity, quality, performance, user features, reliability, scalability, and intended exit strategy, lifeline, and lifespan. Paired with analytical services, the PE process allows for creating a product that suits the selected business objectives and satisfies overarching business needs. AI, data analytics, intelligent process automation, and other advanced technologies are allowing companies to differentiate their products to provide a competitive advantage. Our team has deep experience working on the bleeding edge of innovation.

We Serve

We develop apps to provide your users with everything they want. Unique features and appealing design with usability features can help your business gain new opportunities every time you branch into different segments.

Product Engineering for Enterprises

We provide product development and software engineering services—from consulting to developing, from designing the user interface to testing and deploying the product. Our services include:

    What Is Your Product Engineering Challenge?


    Benefits Of Working With Us

    One of the benefits of working with Amzur on PE is that we have an amazingly low employee turnover ratio. Our attrition rate in 2019 was less than 4%, which is far below the industry average of 18%–21%. As a result, we have tremendous confidence that we retain domain and technical knowledge for much longer periods of time, and this obviously has an impact on costs, including savings on recruiting, training, and more. We pass these benefits on to our clients in the form of a predictable and stable pricing structure.

    Building and redesigning khameleon’s dealer technology solutions with extended team model

    Transforming Real Estate Industry
    For The Homeowners


    Designed And Developed A Customer-Centric
    Mobile App Aheads Its Time

    Why Hire Amzur for Engineering Services?

    Amzur Technologies, Inc. is a Tampa-based IT solution partner at every stage in the digital transformation lifecycle. Our broad range of services include enterprise resource planning consultation, Internet of Things, application development, robotic process automation, and more. We deliver a holistic talent strategy, customer-centric consulting services, and a logical path forward for our clients. Many of our clients have been with us for over 14 years.

    Doug Angelone Khameleon

    Every client has unique needs. Working together, we’ll find the right solution to achieve your goals and fit your budget.


    Workforce Availability

    Our 30+ consultants are placed at nearshore, offshore, and national locations across North America.


    Customizable Experience

    For 15 years across multiple industries, we’ve delivered on over 100 custom application development projects.


    Valuable Benchmarking

    From inception to execution, our multilingual team of ITIL-certified experts is available to serve your goals 24/7/365.

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