Comparing IT Staffing Models

Choosing the Right Staffing Model for You

If you are not sure which staffing model to consider, we can help you identify the key differences between
roles for permanent and temporary employees.


Contract to Hire

Permanent Placement

Extended Team

Flexible staffing model Flexible staffing model Permanent staffing model Outsourcing staffing model
Also called temporary workers Also called temporary to permanent Good for filling key positions that will likely not change or be eliminated A development team extension that is based on a specific project
Easily adjust the size of your workforce based on seasonal needs and turnover Easily adjust the size of your workforce based on seasonal needs and turnover Direct hire positions Direct communication between team members
Short-term need; Could be up to 12 months Middle ground between temporary workers and direct hires Work on a long-term basis Completely integrated into the general workflow, which ups turnaround time and streamlines communication
Unless contract terms are extended, employee and client will part ways There may be contract-to-permanent conversion fees Employees work for you directly Great for long-term multi-part projects with an evolving set of requirements, where you don’t have all the required technologies on hand
Best for seasonal changes/temporary projects/cover for another employee Best if you like a contract candidate and want to hire them permanently Amzur conduct pre-qualification and assessment of technical skills Great for ongoing projects that gradually expand
You evaluate the worker and decide to offer a permanent position, which the employee can accept or deny You are responsible for employee paperwork and record keeping Great for side projects that may need to stress the current IT workforce due to niche skill placement

Start Your Assessment

Start Your Assessment

Start Your Assessment

Start Your Assessment

Amzur’s staffing experts work with you to quickly meet your staffing needs. Our flexible staffing models reduce your financial risks, and we handle the back-office operations for you.


US Sourcing


Consultants Placed


Consultants Qualified

We Provide an Initial Assessment

For our introductory call, we help you determine what your ideal staff looks like. We help you evaluate your open positions and determine how they can be filled. We can also consult on seasonal trends and help you identify positions that have high turnover rates to calculate how often these positions need to be refilled.

Filling the Staffing Gaps

Once you know which employees your company actually has, it is easier to identify gaps between the ideal and actual workforces. If you have any critical needs that must be immediately met, Amzur Staffing can provide the right candidate in a short amount of time. We can also help with forecasting your future needs. If your business is growing or adjusting in difficult times, we can try to predict what future staff additions might be needed.


Looking for Great Associates?

No Business is Exactly Like Yours

If you have determined your hiring budget, you can decide how much you can spend on recruiting and employee wages.
If your current budget doesn’t cover all the needed positions, we can help you prioritize which positions are most necessary.

Start Your Assessment

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