Satya Tenneti

Software Development Manager

Passion for community and technology

About Satya Tenneti

Satya Tenneti is an industry expert currently serving as a software engineering/development manager working with small and medium-sized enterprises in the healthcare and smart energy industries. Tenneti has 15 years of experience in information technology, and his diverse background in both startup and corporate settings provides extensive expertise in project management and software development lifecycles.  

Tenneti leads by example and frequently participates in Amzur’s community efforts and sports activities. He recently completed voluntary service with India Youth for Society, protecting water resources in and around Vizag, India. Tennetti also has master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science from Andhra University in Vizag.

Tenneti enjoys collaborating on corporate social responsibility projects involving the education of young minds in India, and he believes that good leaders guide employee growth while allowing employees to guide organizational growth. In short, he is a technical expert in digital transformation but also an exceptional leader and member of his community.


Top Skills


Technology Certifications

There are many stories I could share that describe Satya’s rare ability to deeply impact other people with his humble approach to leadership and vision for a transformed society.

It’s not often that a software developer will describe the purpose of their work as ‘saving lives,’ which is exactly what the value of the work Satya’s team delivers enables Optum, their U.S. health insurance client, to do for their customers—patients waiting for the lifesaving decisions necessary for medical teams to swing into action. I’m sure one day case-studies will be written to fully tell the story of Satya’s diligent focus on and application of the leadership lessons he is working through, leading his large and complex development team through the challenges of their daily operations.

One story that beautifully illustrates Satya’s exceptional leadership qualities is how he inspired his fellow techies to go above and beyond by rolling up  their sleeves and getting very tired and dirty digging out the trash and mud engulfing one of our vitally important local water reservoirs.

It has been a real privilege to walk a little with Satya along his learning path. His ability to impact the world we all share should not be underestimated!

– Nick Musgrave, Chief Catalyst at Vizag Creative

Volunteer Experience

Red FM

Company Name: Red FM

Dates volunteered: October 2014

Volunteer duration: 1 month

Cause: Disaster and Humanitarian Relief 


Company Name: India Youth for Society

Cause: India Youth for Society

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