Amzur Technologies’ smart energy meters increased Glava Energy Center’s battery use by 153% and reduced consumption from the grid by 45%. The solution was needed to ensure that a greater proportion of solar electricity could be used in the building where it was produced, for example by storage and steering energy consumption to times at which most solar electricity was being produced. Read More…

About Amzur Technologies:

Amzur Technologies is an Information Technology solutions and support firm. Amzur offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, high-value technology services, delivered at a size and scale that offers optimal flexibility as a business grows. Based in Florida, our range of resources, from enterprise applications to software development to IT staffing, extends technology capabilities and enhances the ability to compete. Through Amzur Energy Services, we offer a considerable breadth and depth of expertise, software capabilities, and real-world experience in implementing DER solutions. 

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