Vendor Bill Payment Approval Process

Vendor Bill Payment Approval Process

After a Vendor Bill is approved, this Script provides additional approvals before payment is released. Two Steps: (1) Queue/Propose for Payment, (2) Approve forPayment/Release.

Queue/Propose Payment check box is available for inline edit on List View. Once Checked, Script sets user as Proposer. Next Step is for a different person to Approve for Payment check box. Must be a different person. Script will not allow the same person that Proposes to
Approve. Script sets Approval check box back to "No". Saved Searches are used to easily check boxes for Proposal and/or Approval. Reminders can be added to easily identify what is needed for Proposal and/or Approval.

This bundle validate the user while approving the Vendor Bill for Payment. If the same user trying to approve the same vendor bill then the bundle disabling/removes the final approval flag in the background.

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