Custom Development

Need More Innovative Business Processes?

Bring your idea and Amzur’s team of SuiteApp development specialists will build your next application for you.

Amzur’s experienced team of NetSuite customization specialists can help with instantly enhancing your NetSuite experience by optimizing the platform. Amzur develops and deploys customized NetSuite solutions called SuiteApps that combine automation and business growth.

We leverage our expertise in the SuiteCloud development environment to create SuiteApp bundles and native NetSuite applications. Our expert team of NetSuite developers understand how to analyze your real-time business challenges and offer custom solutions so that you can make the most of your NetSuite adoption.

Shepherd is a 100% native NetSuite solution for maintenance management

In addition to gathering in-depth knowledge of your specific business, Amzur uses its own in-house technical teams at onshore, nearshore and offshore locations to give you access to 200+ experienced cloud developers.

We develop Suite Apps solutions for NetSuite, including:

  • SuiteTalk/Web Services.
  • SuiteScript 1.0 and 2.0.
  • SuiteFlow
  • SuiteBuilder
  • SuiteCommerce SiteBuilder
  • SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • Built for NetSuite (BFN) SuiteApps

Want to enhance or automate your business processes in NetSuite?

Our considerable experience with small and medium-sized businesses enables us to address the challenges faced by middle-market companies. Our thorough knowledge and successful track record of implementing for these enterprises and organizations make us well-equipped to handle their demands and complexities.

  • SuiteBuilder application configuration

    Customize NetSuite application forms, fields, and records with a simple point-and-click experience.
  • SuiteFlow workflow engine

    Workflow management automates your business for maximum efficiency and flexibility.
  • SuiteAnalytics business intelligence

    Enable end users to access real-time self-service analytics across all areas, including financials, orders, customers, opportunities, and all custom objects.
  • SuiteScript application development

    Allow developers and administrators to work within NetSuite to create flexible business logic tailored to specific business needs.
  • SuiteTalk web services

    Integrate NetSuite with a variety of applications to build website-to-NetSuite integrations or create lightweight custom mobile applications.
  • SuiteBundler app packaging and distribution

    Package and deploy customizations and applications built on the SuiteCloud platform.

We build targeted, valuable applications on the only on-demand platform that combines accounting/enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory, customer relationship management (CRM), and ecommerce into a single system. NetSuite uses a unified data model, meaning the entire system and all elements are built on the same code. This “single source of truth” approach—combined with true cloud technology—makes customizing and developing add-ons to your systems more secure and straightforward than ever before.

NetSuite upgrades should not negatively affect or break any customizations in NetSuite that were done using NetSuite Leading Practices. To ensure your enhancements or custom code follows best practices, work with your in-house certified NetSuite expert or a NetSuite Solution Provider with experience in NetSuite customizations, such as Amzur.


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