Training Management

Managing and maintaining employee training records is one of the key parts of quality programs of any company – big or small. Hence, it is important to organize all the training essentials that your company’s training team needs including compliance, certifications, qualifications, and licensing, all in a central repository.

Amzur Employee Training Management Software Solution (QTMs) leverages latest cloud technology to complement your established training management process by:

  • Creating relevant training requirements based on roles, departments, and business units.
  • Centralizing and Managing all training initiatives
  • Effectively monitoring training achievement
  • Providing complete visibility into training performance

Apart from the ones listed above, the training management module from Amzur helps you to reducing the overall training cost and ensure regulatory compliances. Moreover, it can be seamlessly integrated with the employee data that company has.

Amzur Employee Training Management Software QTMs is nimble, flexible, reliable and user-friendly cloud-based employee training management system. Whether you want to leverage the QTMs best practice process to design or reconfigure the forms, reports, and workflows to suit your business needs.

Our training management solution has got powerful analytics and reporting capability that will help you to perform trend analysis and spot recurring problems quickly and easily. The interactive executive dashboards provide meaningful training statistics to your team, employees, instructors, and c-level management to make informed decisions that can drive continuous improvement and regulatory compliance.

Amzur powerful analytics and reporting capability help to perform trend analysis and spot recurring problems quickly and easily. The interactive executive dashboards provide meaningful training statistics to your team, employees, instructors, and c-level management to make informed decisions to drive continuous improvement and regulatory compliance.

Creating a training requirement can be a daunting task. The Proper training requirement is critical to being compliance with regulations as well as internal procedures.

Amzur training module allows you to create the training requirements based on the Job functions, Departments and Business Units. With training plans and training programs, you can easily associate the Job function, departments, and business units. Since each employee has a specific role and belongs to a department, the training plan can be assigned accordingly

Managing employee training is very critical to the quality organization. Being able to provide the training record of an employee promptly during an audit can sometimes be very challenging.

In Amzur, training initiatives can be easily centralized. The system allows you to plan, create and execute all the training initiatives.

Monitoring the progress and performance of employee training is very important. This allows organizations to make sure that their employees are up to date on their training requirements.

Through Amzur, you can easily monitor the training progress and performance. Using training program, you can track the progress of the employees who have enrolled in the program. With effectiveness monitoring plan and periodic review of the employee, the training record allows you to make sure that each employee is trained to perform the function they are responsible for conducting their work.

Industries Amzur Offers Training Management Implementation for.

Amzur Training Management System works for different industries with the same effectiveness and efficiency. From General Manufacturing to Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals to Healthcare, Biotech to Metal Manufacturing, Heavy Machinery to Food and Dairy, Automotive to Aviation or Aerospace, Defense to Medical devices, Logistics to Nutraceuticals, our solution makes it easy for you to train your workforce for the better performance in the everyday operations to maintain the topmost quality standards with

  1. Configurable Cloud-Based Platform

The training management system from Amzur is built on a cloud-based platform that ensures flexibility with storage and upgrades while maintaining the safety and security of the critical training documents – be it for employees or the end-user. Moreover, you can have a customized version of the training management system as per your organizational needs.

  1. Adherence to Compliance Standards

To educate and train your employees about the quality standards such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – 21 CFR Part 820, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – ISO 9001, ISO 13485, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), etc., our training management includes different checklist templates as well as relevant documents. Amzur helps to make your workforce well-versed and competent for the quality processes they need to handle.

  1. User-Friendly Interface

The training management system from Amzur features an easy-to-comprehend and intuitive interface that makes the process handling simplified. Whether your employee wants to register in a training program, choose the subject of training, or want to give the certification exam, he/she can do it by themselves without any technical assistance.

 Why Training Management is Important?

Training management refers to the process that helps organizations to streamline and optimize their in-house training processes. It encourages any organization to:

  • Identify the Right Training Needs
  • Effectively Train Employees on On-Going Processes
  • Manage and Track Employees Training Growth
  • Ensure that Employees are Well-Aware and Versed of Best Practices

Train Your Workforce for A Productive Future Through an Effective Training Management System

Amzur Training Management System is the best solution for organizations that understand the importance of employees’ contribution to organizational growth and development. This implies that an employee should know the best practices to follow in order to maintain the product or process quality. A well-aware and trained employee can work more efficiently towards the goal than an employee who hardly knows the process and practices

Our training management system helps organizations to identify their training needs that will help their employees to perform better. Also, Amzur TMS helps to fulfill the identified needs in an effective manner by notifying employees about on-going pieces of training, allowing them to enroll for the same, regularly notifying them about the training schedules, and most importantly, evaluating their growth after every training through a certification exam or test.

Don’t you want your workforce to be more productive and well-versed? Opt for Amzur Training Management Software to identify and fulfill their training needs as per the technologies and processes they work with. If you have any doubts about the product’s functionality and features, simply request a product demonstration today. To know more about our products, get in touch with us on our contact page and we will get back to you at earliest.

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