Sales Returns Accounting

Overview of Functionality

SuiteSolutions – Sales Returns Accounting enables sales returns to be posted to a sale returns account
which is different from the sales account. This enables the monitoring of sales returns and also supports the computation of
net sales for reporting. The solution leverages the SuiteGL feature in NetSuite Service.

The SuiteSolution supports the following features:

  • Create custom GL impact lines for credit memos and cash sale refunds to post sales returns to a separate account.
  • Create custom GL impact lines on import of credit memos
  • Configure the sales returns account that will be used in creating custom GL lines.
  • Configure the custom GL lines plugin to specify the subsidiaries, transaction types, and books that implement the solution for credit memos and cash sale refunds.
  • Display custom lines when viewing GL impact.


Custom segments are not currently supported.
All standard SuiteGL limitations apply.
All standard NetSuite Service usage and governance limits apply.

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