PDF Generator

Overview of Functionality

SuiteSolutions – PDF Generator provides a more flexible style on
printing and email functionality for entity, transaction and custom records.

This SuiteSolution supports the following features:

  • Enables generation of PDF files for transactions, custom records and entities using HTML templates
  • Supports printing of an individual record from the transaction/custom record using the ‘Print PDF’ button on the form.
  • A saved search can be used to source data for use by the template.
  • Supports bulk printing and bulk emailing functionality only for transactions using a custom interface. The interface allows the user to export bulk transactions into one PDF file and email it to the current user.


  • Only one default template can be used per record
  • Big Faceless Java PDF Library is used to generate PDF files. Only formatting supported within this library is supported within the HTML template.
  • Bulk printing/emailing functionality allows a maximum of fifty transactions to be selected at one time
  • Only one saved search can be used per template and only one record type line data is supported within the saved search.
  • HTML template fields should not contain any JavaScript and it should be purely HTML
  • Output will always be in a PDF file format.
  • The templates are included in the bundle only as a sample.
  • All standard NetSuite Service usage and governance limits including the file size limitations

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