NFP Mid-Market Edition

Overview of Functionality

The SuiteSolutions NFP Mid-Market Edition bundle provides business process solutions for nonprofit organizations, including financial reporting, revenue management, fundraising, and constituent relationship management (organizational and individual constituents, householding, and tracking relationships). The NFP Mid-Market Edition bundle provides the data structures not found in the native
NetSuite Service for nonprofit accounting, fundraising, constituent management, and grants. It also helps automate Constituent Management — the management of individuals, “Households” (a group of one or more family members), organizations and their relationships to one another — and captures the transactions associated to each Constituent, allowing for a variety of finance and fundraising reports.

Key components of SuiteSolutions – NFP Mid-Market Edition:

  • Households are automatically created; Households can be split (in the case of a divorce) and added to in case of an addition; relationships can be deactivated
  • Suitelets such as the Fund Dashboard and Relationship Report allow for quick views of overall giving and relationships.
  • Financial, Revenue, Expense, Fundraising, and Grant reports are pre-built (including FASB reports)
  • KPIs and Dashboards for a variety of nonprofit roles (such as CEO, CFO, Controller) are pre-built
  • A custom “NFP Solution Center Tab” aggregates NFP reports and functions for ease of use


  • A maximum of 11,000 search results can be loaded on the Current Projects tab in the Fund Dashboard. If the results are greater than 11,000 additional criteria will have to be added in the searches used for Fund Dashboard.
  • A maximum of 15,000 relationships can be successfully exported in the Relationship Report.
  • A limit of 20,000 soft credit records can be carried over when billing Sales Orders
  • Households can hold a maximum of 2,000 Family Members.
  • Defaulting the Restriction column will not trigger on imported transactions.
  • On Relationship Report subtabs, only the results on the current page and not on all pages will be sorted.
  • When importing CSV files, the “Run Server SuiteScript and trigger Workflows” should be enabled to trigger the automations.
  • Editing transactions approved by Advanced Approvals is not supported.
  • Results displayed in the Fund Dashboard will depend on the role of the user.
  • NPO Constituent Relationship Form should be used when creating relationships.
  • NPO Constituent Relationship Form should be used when creating relationships.

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