CSV Integrator

Overview of Functionality

SuiteSolutions – CSV Integrator provides an automated integration process for uploading/importing CSV
files originating from external applications into the NetSuite Service. This SuiteSolution includes an integration
broker that can import multiple files into the NetSuite Service, process files > 25K rows include
token-based Authentication, can download CSV files from external FTP/SFTP locations, and can be configured
to use multiple queues when SuiteCloud+ licenses are available.


  • Only records supported by CSV Import functionality in the NetSuite Service are supported.
  • Any records that fail to import must be re-submitted via another file.
  • Header and line fields for the same record should be provided in a single CSV file. Multi-file import is
    not supported.
  • CSV file for Journal Entry transaction should have balancing entries for the import to succeed.
  • Broker cannot validate sanctity of the data in the CSV File.
  • Customer needs to host a local server inside their firewall to run the integration broker.
  • All standard NetSuite Service usage and governance limits apply.
  • Token-based Authentication shall only work for Basic Latin Character Set for both UTF-8 and ISO8859-1.
  • Korean character encoding format is not supported by the Integration Broker.
  • Only one Import Mapping is supported for each record type. If there are two records with similar mapping e.g. Transactions, the mapping needs to be labelled uniquely to differentiate one transaction from another.

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