Consolidated Invoicing

Overview of Functionality

This Consolidated Invoicing SuiteSolution provides the ability to generate a single consolidated invoice that includes multiple invoices for a specific time period. The customer receives one invoice instead of multiple invoices per transaction in that period. This SuiteSolution allows the user to configure certain invoice header fields to be used as the basis for the consolidated invoice (e.g. a single invoice can be generated for all invoices for the same contract). By way of example, the fields could be Billing Address, Project, Invoice, Location, Due Date, Source, Invoice Type or up-to 3 custom fields on the invoice header. This SuiteSolution also supports the option to include invoices of sub-customers in the parent customer’s invoice.

Specific customers or invoices can be excluded from the consolidation process. Due dates on the original invoices can be updated optionally.

This consolidation request can be submitted from a UI where the user can preview the summarized and detailed invoice information, or it can be scheduled to generate the consolidated invoices at the end of each month. Print layouts for the consolidated invoice can be configured and this layout preference can be attached to the customer record. The print output in PDF can also be automatically emailed to the customer.


  • Consolidated invoices are generated from invoice transactions in the NetSuite Service and the SuiteSolution will not bill sales orders directly.
  • The consolidated invoice can only include invoices within a subsidiary that are for a common customer, parent customer or currency.
  • Consolidated invoices are virtual invoices and the general ledger impact remains with the individual invoice. As a result, A/R aging reports will not display consolidated invoice information.
  • A maximum of 3 levels of parent/child hierarchy is supported when the SuiteSolution is configured to consolidate invoices across sub-customers.
  • All standard NetSuite Service usage and governance limits apply, including PDF file sizes, # of invoices which can be consolidated into a single invoice and # of consolidated invoices that can be created at the same time.

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