ShipStation Integration

ShipStation Integration

The customers today are not easily wooed, the charm of products and easy accessibly have set the bar high for organizations to stack reputation points. Organizations are pulling their own weight to stay relevant for customers and ahead of their counterparts. Business processes have certainly become easier as automation has kicked in; however, the downside is the expectation is higher than ever. Businesses with a habit to look out for new ways to charm clients with their products or services are getting ahead of the ones who are following the textbook. One key aspect of any online business is shipping the ordered item.

Shipping is an important process as far as order fulfillment is concerned. Shipping the order timely elevates the joy of the receiver eventually increasing the face value of any organization. However, sometimes rushing into shipping hampers the quality of packaging or compromise with shipping modes. Organizations should avoid these hidden penalties of fast but inappropriate deliveries. At time organizations outsource the shipping activity to other company and when they goof it up, the organizations are the ones getting the entire backlash. Shipping services providers or shipping companies when chosen properly can make a huge impact on the ease of business handling. Organizations often lack the resources to cover all the geographic landscapes as they simply can employ a shipping company to do the needful.

Start-ups or any small-scale brand starting out in virtual space cannot be expected to be shipping savvy. The resources and management for handling all shipping activities are simply huge for any size company. As a result, for any organization to succeed, shipping should be considered through. Also, the partner to foster their shipping needs should be heavily scrutinized.

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ShipStation® is king in ecommerce solutions to run an online shop with all bells & whistles that modern ecommerce store should have. Leveraging this feature-rich and technically complex platform is a sure challenge for ecommerce developers.


Store and Shipping integration

Business today has a diverse selection process when it comes to choosing their online ecommerce partners. Hence, the e-commerce solution providers need to mingle with various platforms. ShipStation provides easy integration solutions for various online platforms, tools, and customized applications. After amzur’s ShipStation integration businesses are free from the shackles of dependency and unnecessary additional installation.


Provide customers with promotional offers

Businesses are luring their clients with starting offers, referral offers, combo offers and what not! Customers will always look for something more which essentially they think should come to them free. This reward system offered by brands to their loyal customers goes a long way. Start-ups are the ones who benefit the most as their user base touch to a new high with every offer they pitch. Amzur’s ShipStation ERP integration can help you generate such offers while shipping the product itself. Two targets one arrow: shipping is taken care of with added advantage of marketing.


Accountability is held in high standards

Any company outsourcing its operation to other company will certainly look for fine accountability. Lack of accountability in any form is a hindrance to coordinative relationships. Momentary accountability is one of the most important ones, hence organizations should adopt transparent practices to supplement long-term corporate relations. ShipStation is forerunners when it comes to accountability. Businesses are always aware of the charges or cost incurred during the entire process.


Time-saving through the barcode based operation

Amzur’s ShipStation integration is transforming the shipping process altogether. Shipping has never been so easier. With Ship Station, integration businesses can scan, track and update their orders by simply scanning the barcode. ShipStation has put an extra effort so that the oldschool operations can change for good. Barcode is a must have an item on any order hence leveraging this aspect ShipStation has changed entire operation around barcode. ShipStation platform has help guides and useful articles on how to mingle with this technique.


Advertise while you ship

Advertising as much as possible reaching as many clients as possible by whichever means possible is the determination businesses today need in order to shape their futures. Marketing and advertising industry is transforming day by day using even the last inch of space. Businesses employing these strategies will not leave one chance to advertise, now with Amzur’s ShipStation integration brands can advertise while shipping the order. The space on the package is completely owned by the business. It is at their discretion to use that space we say let’s use it to advertise with ShipStation.


Returns are patiently covered

Best advice for any start-up when they are in their testing phase is to cover returns admirably. Product or services offered by start-ups usually break the stereotypes which are basically the point of a start-up doing something similar differently, isn’t it? In these times start-ups should also account the fact that many customers who are going to try out their products might not like on the first go hence return it and in such times start-ups maturity lies in handling the situation to the best of their abilities and making sure of getting a feedback. Amzur’s ShipStation integration helps businesses cover returns just like fulfillment.


Easily mingles with other applications

Amzur’s ShipStation integration has unique features and one of the most prolific is the openness to accept other platforms to mingle within own. This feature shows the commitment of ShipStation towards customer welfare. Amzur can help businesses with the customized application so that businesses can perform specific tasks in a speedy and efficient manner all thanks to a unique platform of ShipStation.

Keep your customers always in the loop

Amzur’s ShipStation is a perfectly bridges the physical gap between customers and brands. ShipStation always keeps customers in the loop by means of push notifications, emails etc. Brand trust is very important; customers should feel secure while placing an order on the portal which can be only achieved by keeping the clients out of the dark. At any given time customers should be able to track whereabouts of their orders.

Inventory Check

Businesses while selling on online portals have to manage a lot of thing at any given period of time. What if more than one process can be handled simultaneously? Dream comes right! Amzur’s ShipStation integration can provide simultaneous handling of shipping and inventory management. Businesses need not allocate extra time to update their inventories. ShipStation with its powerful platform will take care of the same while handling shipping.

Freedom to build using ShipEngine API

Virtual shops are evolving so is the market around them. In this competitive era being closed is hampers the evolution. One developer’s patch can be a miracle to a million users. No virtual marketplace can deny the benefit of development through an open source. ShipStation have a dedicated workspace which is specially designed so that the wheel of development never halts. ShipStation is open to developers through its robust ShipEngine platform.

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