Meter Data to NetSuite Connector Interface

Unlock smart grid data and transform it into compelling, quantifiable and actionable results with low upfront investment and risk. Do this while collecting, managing and analyzing interval data supporting load research directives. By using innovative metering capabilities, clients can optimize customer service and support the grid. Leverage a common connection among utility applications and smart grid devices to reduce the cost and complexity of introducing new devices, data streams and business processes.


eTeki NetSuite Integration

IT hiring is a complex process. Interviewing, assessing and validating candidates can be a struggle when trying to accurately test skills in a variety of subject matter areas and disciplines. eTeki provides clients with video interviews conducted by highly qualified, seasoned IT screeners. These interviews, which consist of multi-skill assessments administered by a highly qualified network of seasoned technical experts, verify that a candidate possesses the requisite knowledge and skills needed for a specific role.


Amzur Energy and Connectors to NetSuite SuiteSuccess Cloud

Securely collect data from a wide range of sensors, relays and systems with real-time operational visibility into energy resource performance. This allows accurate, up-to-date information to be routed to the team or service provider that needs it for decision-making. By ensuring the right people have the correct information, benchmarks and insights can be quickly and easily shared across an organization. Through the SuiteSuccess cloud-based platform, clients can also optimize roll coordination and control that reduces peak demand.


QMS Quality Management Solution For Life Sciences and Healthcare NetSuite Connector

Quality is the most important factor in the life sciences industry. Ever-changing regulations and technologies are improving the quality of life, though often increasing the complexity of managing business processes. Quality issues in the life sciences are tracked, managed, and resolved quickly using the flexible, compliant Quality System


QMS Quality Management Solutions For Manufacturing Industry NetSuite Connector

Today’s manufacturing is a mixture of sophisticated machinery and human processes. To strive for such a high-quality product, companies are required to build a robust quality management system, integrating risk management to ensure compliance with GMP standards set forth by regulatory agencies. A system that provides a competitive edge by providing early signals to major quality issues is the key to success.


Focus POS NetSuite Connector

Operating a point-of-sale (POS) system without NetSuite integration can cause a lack of real-time visibility into daily operations. As a result, Amzur has built an integration bridge between Focus POS, a leading POS system for 30 years, and NetSuite’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Amzur’s “Focus POS NetSuite Connector” creates a seamless integration that automatically syncs information back and forth between NetSuite ERP and Focus POS into NetSuite’s system, allowing users to make well-informed decisions.

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