Meter Data to NetSuite Connector/Interface

  • Unlock smart grid data and transform it into compelling, quantifiable, and actionable results with low upfront investment and risk.
  • Collect, manage, and analyze interval data supporting load research directives.
  • Gather, process, and store all types of meter data to deal with rising data
  • Support grid and customer service optimization with robust metering capabilities.
  • Leverage a common connection among utility applications and smart grid devices to reduce the cost and complexity of introducing new devices, data streams, and business processes.

eTeki NetSuite Integration

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eTeki helps you sort pretenders from contenders and fast-track the candidates you need to be speaking with.

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eTeki removes the tactical pains and free your team to focus on project deadlines.

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Interviewing unqualified IT candidates is a cost drain. eTeki’s interviews-as-a-service approach brings a savings of 90% to most  clients.


OpenDEM and Connectors to NetSuite SuiteSuccess Cloud

    • Data Collection – Securely collect data from a wide range of sensors,relays and systems.
    • Streaming – Real-time operational visibility. Route actionable information to the right team member or service provider.
    • Big Picture – Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarks. Visualize and share insights across the organization.
    • Optimization – Real-time coordination & control. User-defined triggers and thresholds. Reduce peak demand.

QMS Quality Management Solution for Life Sciences and Health Care NetSuite Connector

Quality is at the heart of the highly regulated life sciences industry. Ever changing regulations and technology are improving the quality of life, though often increasing the complexity of managing business processes. The Quality System requirement for this industry is very stringent. To maintain a robust, flexible and compliant integrated quality management system for life sciences, quality issues needs to be tracked, managed proactively and resolved quickly.


QMS Quality Management Solution for Manufacturing Industry NetSuite Connector

The manufacturing companies of today is a mix of sophisticated machine and processes. A product that conforms to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines pose no risk to the consumer and considered to be of high quality. To strive for such high-quality product, companies are required to build a robust quality management system, integrated risk management to ensure compliance with GMP standards set forth by regulatory agencies. A system that provides a competitive edge by providing early signals to major quality issues is key to the success.

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