Built For NetSuite

SuiteApps help customers upgrade their NetSuite platform for specific features and functionalities required to fulfill business-specific needs. The Built for NetSuite (BFN) badge certifies that the SuiteApps, built by third party developers in the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN), meet the SuiteCloud platform’s architecture, development, security, and privacy standards as well as documented best practices. The BFN reinforces the focus on quality and standards that NetSuite delivers to its customers. These may range from compressing operational costs and improving internal efficiencies to opening up new revenue streams.

While Built For NetSuite -certified solutions are built with the utmost attention to quality to ensure superior outcomes, deploying them with the same rigor is equally important. An experienced SDN partner can accelerate turnaround while ensuring the complete reliability and functionality of BFN-certified apps. The BFN program also provides educational support to SDN partners through the principles and guidelines published in the SuiteApp Architectural Fundamentals and Examples (SAFE) manual. Such a partner will not only bring a wealth of knowledge on best practices but also real-world experience in deploying Built For NetSuite solutions—a big differentiator for businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage.

Amzur is not only a leading SDN partner—providing comprehensive BFN solutions that include iTPM and maintenance management—we are also a NetSuite Alliance Partner. We use NetSuite internally and are one of the leading Alliance Partners in the southern U.S. We have the flexibility, industry expertise, and wealth of best practices to ensure the superior experience our clients expect from a NetSuite solutions provider. 


Our clients tap into our collective experiences and abilities to collaboratively solve complex industry wide challenges, deploy new services, and create technology breakthroughs to accelerate change.

Foundation of Built for NetSuite

The BFN program is built on a foundation of education, consultation, and confirmation.

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BFN Badge Types

There are three BFN badge types: Native, Integrated, and Hybrid. These badge types indicate the category of solution that a SuiteApp represents.

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BFN Verification Process

NetSuite reviews the SDN partner’s questionnaire, references, and demo submission for completeness.

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100% Native to Netsuite​

No integration needed. One database, platform, user experience, and set of analytics. Granular scalability, reliability, redundancy/backup, and security ​are included to ensure that no clumsy external application data synchronization/import is required.

Fully Customizable

NetSuite’s platform allows you to create what is best for your business. If you need automation, business-specific process flows, or additional info, it is easy to configure.

iTPM SuiteApp — Trade Promotion Management (TPM) for Consumer Good Companies

Trade promotion spending is often the second largest expense on a food and beverage manufacturer’s profit and loss (P&L) statement. iTPM is a solution to manage manufacturer scan-downs, charge-backs, promotional allowances, and rebates.

  1. Plan trade promotions
  2. Settlements and deductions
  3. Event-based accruals
  4. Post-promotion analysis

Most companies use iTPM to manage the entire life cycle of trade promotions and manufacturer charge-backs, including deal planning, promotional settlements, short-pay and deduction resolution, post-promotion analysis, and accruals/budgeting. Deals using iTPM provide full real-time visibility to all stakeholders, along with financial controls and a structured workflow. With iTPM, you always know your net trade spending liability and have complete, closed-loop financial visibility, including budget versus planned, actual earnings versus latest estimate, etc. iTPM is the only TPM solution built inside NetSuite and provides easier deduction resolution that supports accurate item- and customer-level P&L. Implementation, training, and configuration takes four weeks or less!

Maintenance Management Systems

The best complete SuiteApp for maintenance management

NetSuite is the only on-demand platform that combines financials, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and e-commerce into a single system. It’s the perfect platform for creating targeted, valuable business applications.

Amzur’s NetSuite Professional Services offers solutions for both customer-oriented field service management and internal fixed-asset maintenance with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and health and safety automation, all as a 100% NetSuite-native SuiteApp. 

One example is Shepherd CMMS​. Shepherd is a 100% native NetSuite solution for maintenance management within water utilities, mining operations, power plants, boilers, and printing operations.

Shepherd is a 100% native NetSuite solution for maintenance management

Maintenance Management Features


Field Service Dashboard

Reminders, down equipment, time entry, open tasks, open cases, overdue forecast service orders.


Equipment History

Model equipment types, record detailed inspection, maintain service histories, access service history in the field.


Order Management

Service commitments, recurring work, warranty events, sales and service tasks, publish reports.


Build Contracts

Parts and labor, multiple SLA’s per contract, remote and field response times.

Health and Safety Management Features



Impose cloud-based health and safety controls on all teams at all times, whether managers are present or not.



Make your team accountable for their own health and safety by signing off on it.



Uniform RAMS management, versioning, permanent storage, and accountability.


Rubber stamp alternative

Service-specific RAMS quizzes with randomized questions ensure tech awareness, comprehension, and competence.



Catalog credentials and alert managers to TWOSA, RAMS, and safety certification expiration in advance.




Safeguards are the same under all circumstances.



Individuals who are responsible for their own health and safety  cause fewer accidents and lawsuits as well as less downtime.


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