Maintenance Management

Field Service Dashboard

  • Reminders
  • Down Equipment
  • Time Entry Due
  • Open Tasks
  • Summary of Services (by Status)
  • Monthly Follow-up Tasks Stats
  • Open Cases
  • Overdue Forecast Service Orders
  • In-House Service Orders

Service Order Management


  • Bucket all service commitment according to status.
  • Remind sales/maintenance staff to propose/schedule recurring work before it’s due.
  • Manage warranty events (NetSuite Cases) associated with specific service calls.


  • Achieve 100% completion.
  • Publish reports to managers, technicians, engineers, …


  • Manage sales and service tasks post-service.
  • Tie tasks to equipment or components.

Equipment Maintenance History

  • Model all equipment types, make/models, equipment and components in NetSuite
  • Record detailed inspection down to any component level
  • Maintain service histories for all equipment/components including:
    Parts used, Cost/expense, Labor/time, Resources used
  • Access service history in the field

Define Service Level Agreements

  • Easy to use ‘drag-n-paint’ design
  • Block or warn managers/customers before booking service outside of SLA coverage periods

Build Contracts in NetSuite

  • Include or exclude parts & labor
  • Define multiple SLA’s per contract
  • Define remote and field service response times
  • Cover all equipment or list specific equipment

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