NetSuite TPM

Trade Promotion Management

for Consumer Good Companies

NetSuite TPM

Extend NetSuite for trade promotion management with iTPM. The iTPM SuiteApp includes promotion planning, processing of short-pays, deduction management and post-promotion analysis. iTPM helps Consumer Goods company stakeholders track, manage and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their trade promotion allowances, rebates and manufacturer charge-backs.


iTPM (Version 2018.2)         Features

Create Deals for your customers and products. Workflow approvals provide financial controls.

Use historical data for more accurate deal planning. Automatically updates all metrics for real-time visibility.

Always know estimated vs. actual vs. latest-estimated spending,

including all unpaid but incurred bill-backs.

iTPM (Version 2018.2)         Features

Match the trade promotion deduction to the promotion for more accurate reporting of net outstanding deal liability.

A better way to process, manage and resolve deductions and short-pays.

Allocates claims and settlements to items for more accurate historical P&Ls.

Workflow and KPIs help speed short-pay resolution and identification of invalid claims.

iTPM (Version 2018.2)

Live event-based promotional accruals help you anticipate what you owe but haven’t paid.

KPIs include Live accruals, Estimated spend, Latest Estimate (LE), actual spending and more.

Helps prevent under and over accruing by knowing net-outstanding deal liability by event, customer, & product.

i-TPM (2018.2)

Plan and analyze usingbase and incrementalvolume.

Analyze Estimated vs Actual and other KPIs by customer, event and item.

Learn from past deals toplan better dealsthat generate more sales and profit.

Leverage NetSuite Workbooks to put KPIs on your dashboard and not in Excel silos.

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