NetSuite openDEM Utility Industry Operations

Customer Operations

  • NetSuite & openDEM Utilities Customer Cloud Service: Get up and running on your dream customer platform in just months and at a fraction of the cost with this end-to-end SaaS meter to customer platform.
  • NetSuite & openDEM Utilities Customer Care and Billing: Give residential, commercial, and industrial customers solutions that manage data, helping you improve customer service, maximize revenue, and respond to change.
  • NetSuite & openDEM Utilities Customer to Meter: Deliver all of the benefits of a complete meter solution and a powerful customer platform together, enabling more immediate value from meter data to improve customer experience.

Network Operations

  • NetSuite Utilities Network Management System: Maximize your grid operations, shorten outage duration, optimize distribution and manage distributed energy resources (DER)—now with new low voltage capabilities.
  • NetSuite Utilities Low Voltage Network Management: Go blind-spot-free from the substation to the customer with a single platform to power the customer-centric grid of the future

Meter Operations

  • NetSuite & openDEM: Unlock smart grid data and transform it into compelling, quantifiable, and actionable results with low upfront investment and risk.
  • NetSuite & openDEM Utilities Load Analysis: Collect, manage, and analyze interval data supporting load research directives.
  • NetSuite & openDEM Utilities Meter Data Management: Gather, process, and store all types of meter data to deal with rising data
  • NetSuite & openDEM Utilities Meter Solution Cloud Service: Support grid and customer service optimization with robust metering capabilities.
  • NetSuite & openDEM Utilities Smart Grid Gateway: Leverage a common connection among utility applications and smart grid devices to reduce the cost and complexity of introducing new devices, data streams, and business processes.

Customer Experience

  • NetSuite Utilities & openDEM Digital Self Service: Craft world-class web and mobile experiences for your customers that motivate self-service.
  • NetSuite Utilities & openDEM Energy Efficiency Cloud Service: Create personalized, dynamic experiences that elevate customer satisfaction and boost program participation.
  • NetSuite Utilities & openDEM Proactive Alerts Cloud Service: Breathe new life into your oldest customer touchpoints and meet goals, enabling you to identify risks, determine trends, empower your customers at the most critical moments in the billing lifecycle.


  • NetSuite & openDEM Utilities Analytics Cloud Solution: Access, organize, and use your data to monitor activity, make decisions and meet goals, enabling you to identify risks, determine trends, and develop more accurate forecasts.

Electric Vehicle EV Charging Station

Charging Station Network Management System

  • OCPP Compliant
  • Commission & onboard charging stations (locations) and EVSEs (devices)
  • Manage charging station locations by client, geography, type (Level 2/DC), or other user-defined criteria
  • Authorize transactions locally or remotely
    • Start button, Pin code, Mobile app, Including Google and Apple Pay, CSMS initiated via RFID
  • Transaction Processing
    • Display start time, end time, cost
    • Detailed billing by station, EVSE, user, user-defined groups
    • Export data to third-party accounting system
  • Cost accounting – track utility costs by device, location, user-defined group
  • Analytics, Fault Detection and notificatio
    • route alerts and alarms to support or service providers
  • Customizable dashboards for building/facility managers, charger owners, etc
  • Basic Asset Management
  • Demand Response
  • Meet cybersecurity Best Practices

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