Food & Beverage Product Features

Grow Your Company in the Cloud with NetSuite CRM


  • Streamlines lead-to-cash processes.
  • Elevates productivity across the organization with a 360-degree view of customers.
  • Improves sales performance through forecasting, upsell and commission management and more.
  • It helps you manage global sales and services organizations.

Accelerate product development

The research, development, and design of new products or the re-design of existing ones is the lifeblood of any manufacturing company, but in many cases, the design and engineering departments are completely disconnected from the ERP system. What that means is engineers spend a lot of their time answering queries from other areas of the company regarding product status, revision levels, design progress, etc. NetSuite offers a host of native collaboration features that make this information available on a self-service basis across the organization.

Automate your Order-to-Cash Processes


Sales Order Management

Expedite your order-to-cash process and focus on exceptions with rules-based automation.

Returns Management

Delight your customers with awesome support and communication throughout the process.

Pricing & Promotions

Maximize profitability with centralized, multi-currency pricing management across all channels


Improve Cashflow

Simple, automated order-to-cash processing improves your cash flow.

Increase On-Time Delivery

Use sophisticated rules to determine the optimal shipping location.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Ship from the closest location that meets your customers’ delivery expectations.

Be A Trusted Business Partner

Keep your customers satisfied and engaged with native CRM functionality.

NetSuite provides the tools to easily plan your material supplies and schedule production for on-time delivery

Planning and Scheduling are often used together but understanding the relationship between them and how they interact is critical to the success of your business. NetSuite delivers the functionality you need to effectively plan your material purchases, position your inventory and schedule your employees, machines and work centers in production to make on-time delivery an achievable priority. NetSuite’s broad and tightly integrated business platform will help ensure that you achieve all of this through optimized business practices to ensure maximum profitability and customer satisfaction levels.

Manage and Optimize your Global Supply Chain



Analyze demand, review sales forecasts, balance with current supply and create a plan.


Execute your plan with ease—create all your purchase, transfer and work orders simply and effectively.


Take advantage of our platform and standard communication and portal technologies for comprehensive collaboration.


Automate your support functions with automated case management, issue tracking, warranty registration, and repair.


Gain Real-time Visibility

Always know your supply chain status with user definable alerts.

Increase Service Levels

Use order management rules to optimize delivery plans and reduce lead times.

Reduce Supply Chain Costs

Quickly Identify and act on cost variances as they occur.

Global Manufacturing Management in the Cloud

NetSuite’s production management capabilities enable organizations to run their manufacturing operations efficiently. From sales order to work order processing, routing and scheduling, order fulfillment and product costing, NetSuite’s manufacturing solution provides real-time visibility into every step of the production process to help you make better-informed decisions. Get your products to market quickly and cost-effectively anywhere in the world with an end-to-end manufacturing software solution designed to run your entire business


Product Data Management

Everything you need to define, manage and maintain your products throughout their lifecycle.

Quality Assurance

Make sure your product is produced and delivered the way you intended with automated quality control.

Work Order Management

Simple, effective and efficient production management for both discrete and batch-driven manufacturers.


Get real-time updates from production via barcode scanning and our interactive hmi / tablet device

Planning And Scheduling

Easily coordinate the materials you need for production and schedule your operations to ensure on-time delivery.


Effectively Manage Global Manufacturing Operations

Manage your entire manufacturing operation regardless of location.

Increase On-Time Delivery

Accurately cost, track and schedule production with our finite capacity real-time engine

Reduce Cost Of Quality

Reduce your cost of goods sold by optimizing cost of quality with embedded quality management.

Location Irrelevance

Manufacture the same item in different ways at each location depending on capabilities.

Warehouse Management System to grow your operations

Native NetSuite offers simple inventory management capabilities through multi-location inventory, bin tracking, and cycle counting. Our WMS module offers functionality that helps streamline your warehouse operations while adding many industry leading features such as mobile RF barcode scanning, strategy definition for putaway and picking, task management, returns authorization receipt, cycle count plans and more. NetSuite WMS, can help you increase efficiency, improve operational excellence and lower costs for warehouses.

Get real-time updates from the shop floor via our interactive tablet application or traditional barcoding

Many manufacturers spend significant time and effort trying to predict the future with planning and scheduling applications. Yet, recording what, where, when, why and how your products are currently being manufactured is just as critical and is a key element to a more accurate schedule. NetSuite’s Shop Floor Control and Mobility solutions make it easy to quickly and accurately gather information from the manufacturing process.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use but powerful functionality increases user satisfaction and data accuracy.
  • Real-time updates from manufacturing enabling you to make educated decisions that affect your business operations.
  • A user configurable tablet application allows the user to optimize the system on the fly.
  • Native application designed from the ground up as part of Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Issue materials, enter production, record downtime and identify quality issues as they happen.

Set up inspection plans, track test results and evaluate vendors to ensure optimal quality

Designing and manufacturing a product of high quality doesn’t happen by accident, it requires a company-wide commitment. NetSuite’s Quality Management solution has been designed to help you deliver the highest quality in your products with minimal overhead. Quickly and easily define the tests you want to perform, set parameters to evaluate the results, apply those to the relevant items and operations for receiving and in-process testing. NetSuite will automatically tell you what to test, collect the results use workflows for dispositioning.

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