Custom Development


We develop solutions (Suite Apps) for NetSuite. Bring in your idea and Amzur’s team of SuiteApp Development specialists will build the next app for you.

Amzur’s NetSuite consulting practice will help you create customized solutions for specific business needs with focus on manufacturing (made for stock rather than order), wholesale durable goods, non-perishable durable goods, pharma and life sciences (manufacturing, retail, wholesale), retail and wholesale apparel, automotive (service centers and small manufacturers like tire rim makers, and so on), cosmetics and personal care products, educational services (online sites offering courses), electronics, and oil, gas and chemicals.

Backed by our vibrant consultant base whose main strength lies in years of business process experience, we bring to each of our potential customers the right industry-specific information and understanding business issues of clients along with in-depth NetSuite knowledge.

Whether it’s a full-scale additional module development or product development or small to mid-size integrations, Amzur offers its NetSuite expertise to build customized SuiteApps or solutions. We enhance customer satisfaction by providing a sandbox environment to put the solutions to rigorous tests first before embedding them into the real-time systems.

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