Application Outsourcing in the
Time of Coronavirus

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on small businesses’ revenue. In a time of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, it’s not surprising that online shopping would rise dramatically, but it now represents a critical component to the survivability of startups and small and medium-sized businesses during the pandemic. Most of these businesses lack eCommerce sales experience.

At Amzur, we understand the value of eCommerce and application development to improve the online customer journey. We believe we can help you make the transition to having a strong eCommerce presence. Amzur can be your agile partner in digital disruption. Our remote, distributed teams of certified experts have got your back. Our technology experts have worked remotely for over a decade, and we’re uniquely positioned to deliver top-quality services in this new age of social distancing.


No business is exactly like yours.

Every situation is different.
Find your small business scenario below.

Lack of Talent

We were contending with a critical shortage of app developers and product managers even before the pandemic and lockdown. For now, we just need a person for six months.

Hiring Freeze

We are in a hiring freeze during COVID-19 but also struggling to do continuous development and testing on the platform.

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