Tailored Services for the Nonprofit Industry

Whether You Need Project Expertise, Implementation, or Just QA Testing,
Amzur Can Accelerate Your Business.

What Are Your IT Challenges?


Lead With Reliability

Do you need help assessing your challenges and determining your priorities?


Exceed Your Performance

Do you have a road map or schedule for making planned upgrades and new purchases?


Scale Your Impact

Do you have a strategy for using your existing technology in smarter ways?


Increase Flexibility

Do you struggle to find the right IT resources and put plans into action?

Professional services for Nonprofits

From development to modernization, management, and maintenance, we cover the entire application lifecycle. Amzur’s software development team can build apps to your specifications or help you build your own with minimal programming and investment. From seamless implementations to faster time to value, we can help you maximize process-driven productivity.

Which of these is your main concern today?


Custom Development


Agile Automation


Application Modernization

Software/IT Recruitment and Staffing

We provide onshore, nearshore, and offshore staffing services. Our talented, agile, on-demand IT professionals are sourced by certified IT recruiters and can reduce implementation risks while increasing goal achievement. They become an extension of your team to align your platforms to government specifications and help you overcome IT security risks. 

We can prequalify and shortlist developers needed for your teams, whether as a contract hire or for permanent placement.

Watch and Discover

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Have you updated your technology plan this year?

Nonprofits typically develop technology plans when they’re in the market for new solutions to provide more structure to the research and purchasing processes. We work with our clients to provide three useful resources in one:

  • A strategy for using your existing technology in smarter ways
  • A road map or schedule for making planned upgrades and new purchases
  • A contingency plan for unexpected tech emergencies or failures

Cloud Solutions

IT Integrations

Amzur offers the flexibility to integrate your custom, industry-specific, and legacy applications and provide real-time access to on-demand IT software.

NetSuite for Nonprofit

We help nonprofit organizations manage their operations seamlessly with enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, inventory management, and more. Leverage NetSuite to manage all back-office operations with a single, flexible, powerful business application. Get budget reports in hours instead of days, approve expense reports quicker, and automate compliance and auditing processes to improve your accounting and reporting capabilities.

Migration to Cloud With Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amzur helps you automate and accelerate the migration of your IT portfolios to the cloud. We combine our methodologies, tools, and experts with your team and help you complete your migration journey faster and more reliably.

How can we integrate our fundraising and accounting systems?

Learn more in this whitepaper.

IT Maintenance and Support

IT Maintenance

As your company continues to grow, so do the demands on your solution. How can you navigate these challenges with limited in-house expertise? Amzur provides technical assistance and support resources to help you maintain your products.

QA and Testing

Amzur takes businesses from reactive to proactive while mitigating risks and increasing ROI as the organization continues to grow and change.


Why Amzur

Our first client has been with us since 2004. By combining in-depth technological expertise, profound market know-how, and strong partnerships, Amzur implements scalable IT solutions to increase productivity. This provides faster access to new IT applications and innovative business models while also reducing risk. With 250+ developers across the world, Amzur leads with reliability.

Our first client is still with us after 15 years of product engineering.

  • 100% Transparency
  • Lower Development Costs
  • Automation Versus Development
  • Prebuilt Integrations 
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Process Maturity
  • Test-Driven DevOps Enablement

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