Tailored Services for the Education Industry

Whether You Need Project Expertise, App Modernization, or IT Care, Amzur Can Accelerate Your Business.

What Are Your IT Challenges?


Frequent Business Disruptions

Are you struggling to create unparalleled solutions that meet your objectives? Do you feel vulnerable to a variety of planned or unplanned local, national, or global business disruptions?


Information Explosion

Education is a lifelong process, and as the information explosion continues to grow, access to that information should be available anytime and anywhere.


Fast Growth and Talent Scarcity

Has your organization reached a critical juncture where your IT teams can no longer support your growth? Or do you simply want extended, on-demand IT teams who are loyal and reliable?

How We Help at Amzur!

Amzur uses its in-depth technological expertise, profound market know-how, and strong partnerships to provide scalable IT solutions that increase your productivity and efficiency to accelerate your business. By ensuring seamless operations no matter what happens, the right digital technology solution can help protect your institution from unforeseen consequences. We can expand your technology usage as needed and pre-qualify or shortlist developers for your teams, whether as contract hires or for permanent placement.

Amzur developed a cloud-based application to streamline a school’s accreditation process and evaluate its standards online. Download now to know more.


Transition to Remote Learning

IT Integrations

Virtual or digital classrooms provide an education equal to in-person ones. Amzur offers the flexibility to integrate your custom, industry-specific, and legacy applications and provide real-time access to on-demand IT software. 

Reduce Risk

Professional Services

Building your own platform lets you retain control and stay flexible, plus dictate which features to include and how to implement them for your business needs. Amzur can tailor a platform that integrates with all your existing business software, extensions, and systems. 

Achieve Seamless Implementations

DevOps for Educational Organizations

Software delivery performance drives commercial performance. Amzur’s DevOps is a mature, agile process that brings you faster time to market, lower failure rates for new releases, shortened lead times between fixes, and faster means to recovery.



Our extended teams work with you during development, delivery, and launch to establish a dependable and progressive development for your organization. When you work with Amzur, you get process maturity in IT.

–  Ajit Manjappara, VP- Product Engineering Services

Energy Consultation

Energy management promotes the conscientious use of energy and yields savings of up to 15%. Amzur can help you improve energy efficiency and reduce power consumption by quickly gauging building performance and implementing energy conservation technologies.

What do you need the most right now?

a) IoT Platform

b) Sustainability Reporting

c) EV Platforms



The education industry is expanding. Isn’t it time that you started managing the energy in your buildings better

– said Raymond Kaiser, VP of Energy Management Systems

Cloud Solutions

Connect and collaborate securely

NetSuite for Education

With NetSuite Professional Services, Amzur provides best-in-class services and benefits that ensure successful implementation and integration of your NetSuite applications.

Migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Automate and accelerate the migration of IT portfolios to the cloud by combining Amzur’s methodologies, tools, and experts within your team so you can complete your migration journey faster and more reliably. We bring direct knowledge and experience developing models many customers have found indispensable.

IT Maintenance and Support

IT Maintenance

Your solution must stand up to the demands of a growing company. With Amzur’s in-house expertise, you gain technical assistance and support resources to help you maintain your products. 

Quality Assurance and Testing

Amzur takes businesses from reactive to proactive while mitigating risks and increasing ROI as your business continues to grow and change. 


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