Amzur has completed 15 years in technology innovation. Looking back at the last 15 years, we’ve realized that it’s actually about people and how they relate, collaborate and support each other in technology. It starts with technology, evolves from an idea through people and then flourishes processes that brings them together, culture to move them forward. 

We have launched #amzurtips to share what we have learned along the way. We wanted to share the voices of Amzurians and the lessons we have learned.

amzur 15th year video


I have been working with Amzur for more than five years. All my experiences with them have been very pleasant. They are very supportive and always try to best assist the associates with any kind of issues. They give importance to their associates and treat them with the utmost respect.


We are an agile organization. During the stressful times (pandemic, etc.), we continue to emphasize the collaborative aspect of the Amzurian culture. At Amzur, I am always encouraged to build the capacity for continual reinvention that is necessary for a faster-changing environment. Only by continuing to set such ambitious goals can we keep excelling beyond all expectations.

Amzur is client-centric.

“We put our clients at the center of everything we do. Every team member listens to customers and is aligned on that goal. In turn, the company builds products that meet customer needs, anticipates customer wants, and provides a level of service that keeps customers coming through the door.”


Businesses are made of people, and those people have ties to the communities they live in.


We are an employee-centric company. Bala is a very ethical person. The IT consultants we work with are very happy because we are transparent in our businesses. We have offices in Tampa, Atlanta, and Hamilton/New Jersey, and we’re in high demand in staffing on the east coast.



Selling enterprise business software doesn’t have to be boring.

“Amzur is like a ‘growth ladder.’ I have a space to implement my ideas in my professional life. It encourages me both professionally and personally. Amzur has given me an opportunity to project my talents. For example, I conduct my dance shows at corporate events, outings, etc., and publish my photography via Amzur social media pages and channels.



We became a NetSuite partner in 2014. If you look at this decision at a high level, NetSuite is a cloud-based business applications software, and there’s really nothing else available in the marketplace that can provide such robust, scalable, and tightly integrated solutions delivered in the cloud. Whether you’re a 15-person company or a 500-person company, NetSuite could make sense for you. Amzur serves small and mid-market companies, and we want to be part of a community that enables these companies to run their business effectively.


Technology is all about community and connections.


Amzur made my responsibility of taking care of my parents easier by giving me an opportunity to work in my hometown. Amzur has a branch in Visakhapatnam, and I can focus on my parents.


I am thankful to Amzur for giving me the opportunity when I needed it the most so I could move to Vizag to stay with my family. I have found very supportive and friendly colleagues here, which helped me settle down well in this new city.


Amzur has given me an opportunity to work from home during the pandemic. Amzur’s benefit package is very thoroughly put together. I do not need to spend additional time conducting my own research on getting the best healthcare programs. Amzur cares about their employees physically, mentally and financially.


Amzur supports communities to achieve more, especially in times of need. We have leaders who get involved and lead the change from within. This makes Amzur stronger.


Anniversaries are a time to celebrate where we come from and how we’ve changed. When I look back on the journey, I see not only the sleepless nights but also the smiling, happy faces of our clients, our employees, our leaders, etc.


Amzur is my home, where I grew up into a professional marketer with the help of my colleagues, who’ve become like family. It has been five years since I found this home. If I look back I see support, trust, help, teaching, learning, laughing. I would say it is the best place anyone could start their career.”

Amzur connects us to the causes that matter.

I enjoy working at Amzur. The most important thing I like is feeling engaged in my work and the support from my team members, which makes me feel more comfortable. My parents are proud that I have chosen Amzur to start my career. Here are some of the things that have improved in my personal and professional life since joining Amzur

  • Decision-making
  • Focus
  • Time management
  • Quality
  • Being calm and patient
Amzur connects us to the causes that matter

Technology connects us to limitless potential.


Amzur means collaboration, a beautiful association of people working together to reach a common goal.


Work-life balance is an important aspect of the healthy work environment at Amzur. Maintaining a work-life balance helps reduce stress and prevent burnout in the workplace. Reconnaissance with onsite and offshore teams helps me build strong business communication skills via imparting the same to my subordinates and fellow employees through the message that we learn and deliver a strong customer experience as a team.


The Amzur family connects all the stuff that matters: ideas, products, culture, Amzurians, hard work, creativity—and the list goes on.


Amzur has given me an opportunity to join a team of IT rockstars to learn and grow in my personal and professional life with a key emphasis on work-life balance. Strong leadership and mentoring skills from the top, middle, and even low-level management are what makes Amzur unique in its operations.


Amzur encourages me to learn new things, and I discovered how to work smart. It helps me create new ideas and be confident. These policies have changed my lifestyle.


Amzur is more than a job. I get to do something through listening to our partners and clients everyday. My team and I are learning to address their concerns. We make sure that the solution that they get is for them and for them only. We believe that the customer of tomorrow will place more value on the experience of doing business with a company than on using a specific product or service.


In order for an organization to be resilient its leadership needs to be strong. Amzur’s leaders provide direction as part of all decision-making while also seeking to innovate with ideas and solutions from others. Leaders of resilient organizations share lessons learned to promote better practices across the organization. The mantra of success during COVID-19 is that Amzur has always helped me to maintain a balance between my professional and family life via live interactions with medical experts, mentoring sessions, and learning and development programs and has stood by each employee in hard times as they work and contribute during the pandemic.


It’s a great feeling to know that my work and skills have impacted my clients’ ideas and outputs.

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