Native NetSuite SuiteApp improves Trade
Promotion Management For Consumer Goods Companies

To enable Trade Promotion Management for Consumer Goods companies on NetSuite, CG Squared,Inc. partnered with Amzur to develop a Native SuiteApp on the NetSuite Platform. The SuiteApp enables Consumer Goods companies to manage their entire trade promotion lifecycle – promotion planning, budgeting, transactions, analytics and reporting – within NetSuite.

The Challenge

  • Trade spend is the second-largest P&L item for Consumer Goods companies
  • Consumer Packaged Goods and Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies find it
    challenging to manage the entire lifecycle of trade promotions efficiently.
  • CG companies spend substantial amounts of time and money on promotional events to
    increase their sales, revenue and their market share.
  • Trade Promotion Management bridges the gap between company spend and customer deductions. It offers a strategic way to control cost by improving visibility into trade
    promotion planning and execution
  • A powerful Trade Promotion Management solution that seamlessly integrates with a company’s ERP or financial system would allow them to efficiently create and manage deals and incentives while controlling associated costs.

The Solution:

Extending NetSuite with iTPM : Integrated Trade Promotion Management
iTPM is a SuiteApp built completely within NetSuite – a Native NetSuite SuiteApp. CG Squared, Inc. and Amzur Technologies developed a SuiteApp to enable Consumer Goods companies to efficiently manage all aspects of trade promotions – right from promotion planning and budgeting, all the way through to post-promotion analysis within a single application. iTPM is built on NetSuite, so there is no “integration”. Everything already ties into the company’s critical ERP elements.The Amzur team designed and developed the SuiteApp using a technology stack of NetSuite, NetSuite One World, SuiteScript 2.0 and SDF

iTPM was built to CG Squared’s specifications with a focus on improving user experience. The goal was to ensure high user adoption. We achieved this with an easy-to-use design that captures all critical deal information and provides visibility into the ROI from each promotional event. Multiple SDN developer accounts were used for development, and separate accounts were used for testing. Testing was performed on both OneWorld and Standard accounts to ensure that the SuiteApp will work flawlessly on any NetSuite account.

iTPM was developed using a hybrid development methodology that combines the waterfall model and agile scrum methodology. This approach was useful when we had to prioritize certain features attributing the requirements of our pilot customers, and when we had to restructure the planned releases of iTPM.
Amzur has a strong reputation for NetSuite customization and SuiteApp development services. Our team also has expertise and experience in full-scale module development, product development, and small to mid-size integrations.

Key Benefits of iTPM :
Integrated Trade Promotion Management

  • Complete visibility of trade spend and promotional ROI.
  • Defining short-term and long-term promotional activities with ease and accuracy.
  • Real-time data to provide KPI accuracy and prevent overpays.
  • Industry standards and best practices built into Deduction Management
  • Matching deductions to specific promotions to prevent “double dipping”.
  • No integration required.

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