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About GreatPercent

GreatPercent Real Estate,LLC (Great Percent) enables homeowners to save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions by providing homeowners the ability to compare offers from competing top local real estate agents that want to win their listing. Great Percent Agency, a wholly owned division of Great Percent, is a provider of lead generation solutions and digital marketing services to the real estate industry..

GreatPercent Real Estate, LLC


The Challenge

When a decision to sell a home has been reached, the conventional approach has always been to contact a local real estate office, connect with the agent on duty, or get a referral from a family member or friend.

The general public has been conditioned to accept the standard 6% commission rate for a real estate agent to list a home.

A homeowner selling a $300,000 house through a full-service real estate agent could expect to be charged a 6% commission (in this case, $18,000), plus additional fees.
GreatPercent is a trendsetter in the real estate industry. The house hunters and sellers has become increasingly dependent on digital technology. The World Wide Web is a go-to tool used when buying and selling a home. This trend is only going to continue as new services and applications come online.

Solution & Strategy

Amzur offered an Extended Talent Delivery Model for Application Development. The extended team was formed to be involved in the following stages: proof of concept, design, development, and production stages. The team’s technology competencies included Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and other open-source technologies. The team has been providing application upgrades, enhancements and new feature development.

Technologies And Key Services:

  • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, nginx, Ajax, jQuery, JSON, Apache, Amazon Web Services, Android, iOS
  • IT Project managementand technical documentation
  • Ongoing application maintenance, enhancements, and support
  • Theme development, application development, DB administration
  • Functional and QA/Testing – Conduct user acceptance testing, accessibility testing, functional and quality as- team composition assurance testing.


Amzur has deployed the following key services:

Seller Dashboard –This is a unique dashboard for the seller who would have access to agents, agent offers, and necessary updates on the property

Agent Dashboard –Dashboard would show listings, offer, and leads.

Admin Dashboard –This dashboard was created to show property info, images, notes, listing price, transactions, marketing activities, property bids, realtors, etc. Additionally, the dashboard shows contacts from Hubspot and FSBO.


Mastering complex processes with a scalable platform

Great Percent wanted to have experienced real estate agents to bid for a seller’s home listing by adjusting their commission and services through a closed bid format.

  • Homeowners saved thousands of dollars in listing fees
  • Homeowners paid less and used licensed real estate agents
  • Homeowners and real estate agents both gain ease of access and access to their information 24/7

Additionally, Great Percent proved to be a secure and reliable application with 128-bit encryption and 100% confidentiality.

  • Scale workflow processes
  • Ensure quality follow-ups for every regulation process
  • Have complete transparency and control of processes for reduced operational risk


The Amzur team offered remote/extended application development services using Ruby on Rails, MySQL and other Open Source Technologies. The extended team has been involved in all stages – the concept stage, design stage, development stage, and production stage. Currently, Amzur provides upgrades, enhancements, and new feature development activities to GreatPercent.

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