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Our strength comes from our people.

– Rani Nemani, President

Local Presence. Global Access.

Global? Local? Amzur is both…We work across continents. Founded in 2004, Amzur is a fast-growing Business-to-Business (B2B) company with more than 300 employees worldwide. Our global headquarters is in Tampa, Florida. We have offices in New Jersey and metropolitan cities in India.

When we work together, we also respect local cultures and ways of doing things. In addition to serving the needs of our clients, we engage with local communities to build sustainable and successful partnerships with non-profit organizations and social enterprises. 

Our Core Values

Our Core Values embody who we are as a Company, guide our decisions and inspire us. For most of us, integrity is a core component of our being. Doing what’s right, every time, no matter what at work is easy because we are like that in our personal lives. Success is built on partnership and collaboration everywhere. At Amzur, we create an environment where every employee is empowered to contribute and is recognized for their effort.

Respecting one another is part of our DNA. We are here because of years of collaboration with our customers, employees & partners. We believe accountability is a personal investment & ownership from all of us. We invest in everyone with proper training & enhancement programs that will help us all to speak up, communicate, take ownership and execute to the best of our ability. We believe in innovation. We are known to invest in research, new products, and technologies. We are all about change and adoption.

core values integrity


core values accountability


core values innovation


core values colloboration


We have a full team devoted exclusively to our culture,
diversity and inclusion effort

– Kasturi Rao, Human Resources Manager


We offer a competitive salary and provide a robust benefits package. We believe in pay equality. Our inclusive workplace celebrates the differences among our talented employees while enabling them to embrace full ownership of their work and personal lives. After 90 days, the employees will receive paid time off for vacation and sick time. We have various initiatives that promote work-life balance, wellness, and health.

We believe in work-life balance and our flexible leave policy ensures the same. Employees who have been employed for more than five years receive additional vacation time. Two of our 10 holidays are flexible. Our employees can plan for time-off with the approval of their managers.Our flexible office timing help the employees maintain a proper work-life balance.

We extend insurance benefits to family members. Our Loan policy, which is an interest-free loan helps people in need.

Education & Training

Amzur’s Consultants and IT Experts maintain a cutting edge knowledge through investment in learning and development. Amzur offers extensive coaching, mentoring and training. We believe in organizational growth. Employees are given opportunities to develop themselves and pursue learning programs on new technologies. We reimburse certification-driven coursework. Employees are encouraged to actively learn during working hours.

Career Development

Building skills and experiences to move forward in your career occurs naturally in your daily work. There may also be ways to jump-start your growth. We care about development. We encourage internal mobility. We reward good performance.

Recognition & Award Programs

Our team is empowered to respond to client needs and requirements and follow up on decisions that will have an
impact on the organization.

We have implemented an ongoing recognition program that is designed to thank our employees for a variety of achievements.
Our recognition programs are aligned with Amzur’s mission, vision, values, and goals.

Amzur has been living the cloud. We are digital transformers
and knowledge leaders. Choose to join a winning team!

– Bala Nemani, CEO

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