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Ruby on Rails Developers is recently getting around $147,000 as an average base salary in the Silicon Beach area of CA. This is as per the CyberCoders’ list of the highest-paid average salaries of tech jobs that are in demand in the US. You can learn this programming with proper training. Joseph Biscan of Infinium commented that Ruby on Rails language can be learned by anybody and he has also offered many useful resources on his tutorial book – Programming Ruby. You may go to the Code School as the new collaboration between the Pluralsight and the Code School offers great scope for the budding developers who want to work with this open-source web framework.

However, why do you think these developers are expecting the biggest bucks for programming? Obviously, it’s because of the demand for the language. But what is responsible for the demand or the preference of this programming language? Ruby on Rails is most preferred as it focuses on the Convention over Configuration (CoC) as well as the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle. Through CoC, the developer specifies the unconventional facets of the application. If you take an instance of a class Sale model, the corresponding database table will be named as sales by default. However, if someone diverges from the convention and calls the table as ‘products sold’, he is required to write code with such a name. Usually, it is found that Ruby on Rails conventions results in a lesser number of codes and lesser repetition. Moreover, ‘Don’t repeat yourself’ signifies that info is retained in an instantly recognizable place. For instance, when the developers make use of the ActiveRecord Rails modules, they don’t have to specifically mention the names of the database columns in class descriptions. In its place, Ruby on Rails is able to regain the info from the database according to the class name.

Hence, Ruby on Rails is a full-stack framework that highlights the convention of leading software engineering configurations and models, comprising CoC, DRY, active recording arrangement and model–view–controller. Furthermore, its comprehensive usage of the JavaScript,, and Prototype for scripting Ajax engagements make it more significant and demanding. As an aspiring Ruby on Rails developer, you should acquire proficiency in the Ruby language and get the biggest bucks. Nevertheless, like other languages, practice is essential for gaining expertise in Ruby on Rails. So, understand the language thoroughly and build a solid base on Ruby programming to rock your tech career.